Durian fruit sparks gas leak fears at Dickson stores | Canberra Times

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Fearing a gas leak, firefighters called Dickson and spent an hour searching for the source – eventually discovering that the blame had come to fruition. The Emergency Services Agency, ACT Fire & Rescue, responded to reports of gas leaks at Dickson stores just before noon on Friday. While they did not create an exclusion zone, they asked the community to avoid the area while they searched for the “source of the leak.” “As firefighters searched for the source of the fire, an hour after the scene, the owner of a tenant above the shops reported the possible source of the incident. After a brief investigation, teams confirmed that this was the source of the incident.” “It wasn’t a gas leak, it was actually a Durian fruit. The fruit emits a very pungent smell and can go a little far,” the agency said in a statement. Durian is a fruit most common in southeast Asia and known for its incredibly foul odor. It has been banned in some places, such as Singapore’s subway system. Crews have now left the scene. There was no information about what happened to the guilty fruit. It’s not the first time a durian has caused a similar scare in Canberra. Firefighters were summoned to the University of Canberra library in 2019 after “reports of a strong smell of gas”. Staff said that in this incident, the offending fruit found near a ventilation vent on floor B was removed from the building in a sealed bag. lack of common sense” if they did not knowingly and did not. READ MORE:


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