May 9, 2021


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E-signature tools remove workspace to shave for 10 minutes with patient permission

E-signature tools remove workspace to shave for 10 minutes with patient permission

By Stephen Herod, Chief executive and president, Script Corporation.

Stephan Herron

Providers at Boys-Willis Clinic respect e-Clinical Worksheet EPRDF, but signing a quick electronic agreement with the 67 in seven areas and 10 drills is critical to the organization’s success. IT director Matt Rams’ main goal was to eliminate the e-signature work that the group was forced to do.

The problem was a mismatch between the signatures purchased by eClinicalWorks (eCW) and the Rocky Mountain, NC-based company a few years ago.

eCW 11e, a browser-based EHW used in most multi-specialized clinic registration tables. Patient consent forms are available through this software and are signed by patients using signatures. The electronic signature is stored in my laptop and a fax box for medical information is sent. An employee of Health Information Management (HIV) must manually transfer the patient’s documents from the inbox.

Complete compatibility, plus plug-in and-play

Today, Boys-Willis has a new system using it Signature boards It saves him for at least 10 minutes on each signed agreement, and Remas runs what he calls “maximum number” forms every day.

Recognizing that every front desk in the company uses a version of the eCW browser that is not compatible with previous devices, Ramas and his EMR manager sought solutions for eCom user forums. Seeing that many companies had successfully converted to these signatures, Ramas ordered a section to be tested.

Experiments show that the devices are not only compatible with all eCW versions, but are fully plug-in and playful, they do not even need a driver download.

Boys-Willis now has 50 signature pad devices in operation and recently purchased eight more to complete the change. By eliminating the work of Laserfiche (laserfiche is still used for other purposes), the team saved about five minutes on a patient examination and five minutes on the back end. Clinic licensing forms are now developed in eCliniForms, and when the patient signs the form using the new signature, it is automatically entered into the patient’s electronic medical record.

“Our medical records are filled with faxes every day,” says Remas, “so we have greatly improved our effectiveness in that area.” They should no longer have to deal with agreements, which will greatly reduce our workflow. ”

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