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EA BlackQueen – Configurable Parameters – Others – 3 June 2021


EA “BlackQueen” detailed description of parameters”

  • mode selection – Select Expert Advisor Operation Mode.
    • auto – 7 pairs: Multi-currency trading from a single chart using 7 currency pairs. No configuration is required. This mode is perfect for beginners. When you select this mode, you can configure the “Strategy Selection” and “MM Selection” parameters, other parameters are not used.
    • Auto (this chart) – 7 pairs: Trading only the pair to which the Expert Advisor is linked, you can choose from seven currency pairs. No configuration is required. When you select this mode, you can configure the “Strategy Selection” and “MM Selection” parameters, other parameters are not used.
    • manual: It can be used on any device. Gives you unlimited options to set parameters. Trades only on the chart to which it is linked. Parameter settings are required. When working, all parameters and groups are used: money management setting, manual setting for module: A, manual setting for module: B, order setting.
  • Strategy Selection – choosing a strategy.
    • BQ: In the event of a loss, the Expert Advisor wins back with the help of opposite trades. An increase in the amount is possible.
    • an order: After receiving the loss, the expert accepts it and waits for the next opportunity to enter.
  • MM selection – Choosing a method of money management.
    • Manual: To select the volume, use the parameter “Manual Setting First Order Lots”.
    • the minimum: Minimum possible quantity.
    • nonconformist: Conservative strategy using reinvestment.
    • standard: A standard strategy using reinvestment.
    • Aggressive: Aggressive strategy using reinvestment.
    • Gambling: A very aggressive strategy using reinvestment.

—=Money Management Settings=——————————————

  • Manual first order lot setup Lot volume of the first trade in the series.
    • Parameter values ​​are negative: used as a fixed lot (example: lot = -0.01 trade will open with a volume of 0.01 lots).
    • The parameter values ​​are positive: the amount per 1000 units of the deposit is specified (example: lot = 0.04, on an account of $ 2000, the transaction will open with a volume of 0.08 lots).

—=Manual setting for module: A————————————– —–

Parameters in this group will only work if Mode Selection = Manual is selected. The semantic values ​​of the parameters are described for the “BQ” and “OneOrder” strategies. The range of parameters that do not change the essence of the strategies is indicated in parentheses. In the future, when adding new strategies, the semantic weighting of the parameters can be changed. Using an Expert Advisor as a platform for many different strategies is essential.

  • Module A – Enable/disable module.
  • Buy_NSSeries – Number of orders in series. (1-3);
  • buy_range – Channel sensitivity selection range. (2-20);
  • Buy_LevelSpace – Price required to break through the channel. (0-40);
  • Buy_TP – Take advantage of the first order. (5-40);
  • buy_sl_min – Limit dynamic minimum stoploss. (10-50);
  • Buy_SL_Range – Dynamic stoploss range. (50-200);
  • Buy_FastExit – An additional strategy for premature closing of a position. (True False);
  • Buy_TP_1_Percent – The ratio of the profit of the second order and the stoploss of the first order. (0.3-2.5);
  • Buy_KoefCompensation_1 – Coefficient of return of money from the second order. (1.1);
  • Buy_FastExit_Point – Parameter for premature closing of a position. (0);

—=Manual setting for module: B=————————————– —–

  • A complete analogy with module A.

—=Order setting=——————————————- ——————

magic number – ID of the Expert Advisor. Allows you to organize analytical processing of trading orders. Each Expert Advisor can set its own unique identifier when sending a trade request. The Expert Advisor holds the number 100.

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