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East Coast: Earth connected to the sea and wine


Peter Ranscombe Visit the east coast of Muselberg to list the restaurant’s wine list.

Everyone has chips they like.

One of mine was a coral reef in Muselberg.

My guilty pleasure was the southern roast chicken nests.

Carlo Crolla took over the chip shop in He has been running the station since 2002 with his parents since 1974.

He He married Katie in 2006 and the couple changed business in 2018 East Coast, With the addition of a neighboring restaurant.

On the nearby scales, the only thing that required a ton of ammunition was a shot in the arm of the Italian kitchen.

Although I visited the East Coast chip shop several times – probably most of the time – it was my first visit to the restaurant last night.

I was impressed by the list of wines that surpassed the standard price of sauvignon blanc and chardonnay.

Instead, he showed me some of my favorite white grapes to combine with fish, including Picpol de Pinet and Grielo from Sicily in southern France.

Both the macaroni and mustard house wines were also organic.

Red seafood with seafood?

I started with a bottle The Last Sheep at the Hali Burley Brewery is Black Indian India (IPA) (£ 5, 330ml), Made by the new local micro-brewery.

The hops had a subtle depth to balance the bitterness.

Although the East Coast is primarily a seafood restaurant – with classics such as Langustine, Mussel and Oyster – I was eager to try its anti-pasta (I 11)

The room was very large, and it could easily feed two people as a starter.

Highlights include smoked ham and two cheeses in the mouth, and the soft focaccia is excellent, fragrant with herbs.

As a couple, I chose “new” Climate change Chardonai 2019 (70 4.70 for 125ml), Which brought back memories Helping to clear the coast of South Queensfield When the wine begins.

For Italy, I will continue to be fascinated by the pure acidity of Plugia’s white, stored lemon flavors.

On the main road, and I chose “Land and Sea” (£ 23.95) (East Coast) Take the surf n ‘turf, a collection of soft beef steak, saffron mashed potatoes and roasted oysters powered by sea service.

Matching fish and meat to wine can be challenging but I have seen it Kaikon Mendoza Classic Malbeck (£ 25.50 per bottle) He knew in the wine list that ripe blackberries and raspberries worked well with beef, and the sweetness of vanilla wine floated alongside the simple caramelization of the buttermilk basket.

Aurelio Monts J It continues to produce amazing wine in Kaikon, And shows why low-tannins such as pinot noir and malbec can be found at home with seafood and meat.

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