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East County man turns his backyard into a waffle ball park. now it will be put to good use


San Diego – In the heart of East County stands Peet’s Park.

“My favorite part about Peet’s Park is that it has little influence from so many different things,” said Lucas Peet, the mastermind of Wiffle Ball Park.

A look inside, it immediately puts you in the echoes of Petco Park. There are paintings from his historic no-hitters to the Western Metal Supply Building and Joe Musgrove. Look around and you’ll find the grimaces of Fernando Tatis Jr. and Eric Hosmer, a pair of stadium seats and various iterations of the famous swinging fryer. Even the retired numbers of the team are displayed.

“It never stops. It’s like Disneyland,” he said. “It’s always changing. We’re always moving stuff around and updating stuff. “

Pete began his build at the start of the pandemic, spending nearly 40 hours a week creating this love letter to his favorite baseball team for the past year.

“First of all, I have the most patient, loving wife on the face of the planet who will inevitably let me take this backyard and transform it,” he said with a laugh.

Now the lakeside resident is using it to host a waffle ball tournament in hopes of raising money to help send the kids to Camp Kesem. The camp serves as a retreat for children coping with parents affected by cancer.

“I was hoping to raise like $20 on a team or something, but he jumped in,” said Ryan Cohen, a lifelong Padres fan from Cardiff. “He had a catering company, he had sponsorships and he wanted so much money for so many teams and I loved how much he prepared for it.”

The tournament is full but you can still help and participate. visit for more information Donate.kesem.org/gopadres or travel @petspark and @RyanCohen24 on Twitter.


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