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Ebony K. Williams Announces Break from Social Media Ahead of “Intense” RHONY Episode as Leah Reacts


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Ebony K. Williams Taking a break from social media for the next two weeks.

In a video shared on his Instagram page on Tuesday, latest member of real housewives of new york city The cast said that as the audience sees upcoming episodes On the show, she will take them a step back to discuss and defend their peace.

“After tonight’s episode, I’m not going to say ‘goodbye,’ but I’m going to say ‘see you later’ via social media for about two weeks. Tonight’s episode and next week’s episode Really intense and really important and I want you to trust them,” Ebony began in her heartfelt clip on June 1.

“This season is different. We are in a pandemic. We are in the midst of the most dynamic call to action racial reconciliation“Definitely in our generation and we’re in New York City in a heartbeat so we’re doing a heavy lift here,” she continued.[And] I’m not doing it myself. I’m doing this with the support of my classmates and my network.”

According to Ebony, she is taking a break from social media because she wants its audience. Rhony To discuss and debate what they’ll see in Tuesday night’s episode and next week’s episode airing.

“I’m going to step back to defend our peace because I know a lot of the conversation and discussion is going to be rich and dynamic and important and productive. And a lot of it is going to be bullshit,” she said. Some people who live on social media and others live to be theirs” [lives] A horror and a horror, I am not here for it. And I won’t be a part of it.”

“It’s not about who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s about leaning in, listening, making room for the ability to sit with someone else’s pain, even when you don’t understand it,” she added.

Ebony also gave a special shout out to her “good sister”. Leah McSweeney, whom she admired for raising her 14-year-old daughter, Keir, “beautifully,” and shared kind words for the “nice, talented, beautiful, loving people” of Tulsa, whose community has been blessed for 100 years. The first was burnt to the ground. .

“It had the highest black money population in America at the time and they had managed to create incredible amounts of wealth and self-sufficiency, real estate, banking, hospitals, schools, you name it, and a gentleman, who was a lawyer, His law practice was burnt and the day his practice was burnt to the ground, this man set up a tent and started practicing law from a tent to counter terrorism,” he revealed. “So there’s nothing I can’t do. There’s nothing my people can’t do.”

After Ebony’s post, his Rhony co-stars and friends, Leah shared a post of her own, thanking her for bringing her back in the middle of season 13 and appreciating her as a “gem.”

β€œThank you for holding me up, standing up for me and being there for me in every way. you are a gem. ILSYM. No one could ever!” he wrote. “[Eboni K. Williams] taking something [time] The next couple episodes are heavy aside from the social cosiness (and let’s be real that this platform can be toxic) but as she said in her live, she’ll be back. “

RHONY Leah McSweeney reacts to Ebony's Williams announcement of social media break

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