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ECB to launch investigation as racist and sexist tweets resurface to harass Ollie Robinson


ECB chief executive Tom Harrison expressed disgust at the sexist and racist tweets made by debutant Ollie Robinson 8 years ago and confirmed that the board would launch an investigation into the matter. After the end of the play, Robinson issued an apology condemning his actions.

What was shaping up to be the worst day of Ollie Robinson’s cricket career as a dream debut turned out to be old tweets posted by the 27-year-old who were inherently racist and sexist in nature, The Sussexes came out again to defame the social media platform. The man who did the best for England on the first day of the Lord’s Test. Tweets posted by Robinson eight years ago that were extremely offensive in nature resurfaced on Day 1 of lunch, causing an immediate stir.

The ECB waited until Stump to make their point on the matter, but the board’s chief executive, Tom Harrison, expressed surprise and disgust at the despicable nature of the tweets posted by Robinson and confirmed that an investigation would be launched into the matter.

“I don’t have words to express how disappointed I am that a male England player has chosen to write such tweets, however long ago it may be. Anyone reading those words, special Basically a woman or a person of colour, will remove an image of cricket and cricketers that is completely unacceptable. We are better than this,” Harrison said in an official statement.

“We have a zero-tolerance stance toward discrimination of any kind and have rules that handle conduct of this nature. We will launch a full investigation as part of our disciplinary process.”

“Our England men’s team, along with others from the ECB and our partners in the sport, worked together to create a moment of unity today. Using today’s spotlight to reaffirm our commitment to advancing the anti-discrimination agenda. Our commitment to that effort is unwavering, and the emergence of these comments from Oli’s past reiterates the need for ongoing education and engagement on this issue.”

Meanwhile, in a separate statement, Robinson himself apologized wholeheartedly and took full responsibility for his actions. The 27-year-old described his actions as ‘unforgivable’ and admitted he had been embarrassed by the tweets he posted as a teenager.

“On the biggest day of my career so far, I am ashamed of the racist and sexist tweets I posted eight years ago that have gone public today. I want to make it clear that I am not racist and I am sexist.” No. I am deeply sorry for my actions, and I am ashamed to make such remarks,” Robinson said in his statement.

“I was thoughtless and irresponsible, and regardless of my state of mind at the time, my actions were unforgivable. Since that period, I have matured as a person and are completely sorry for tweets.

“Today should be about my efforts on the field and the pride of making my Test debut for England, but my thoughtless behavior in the past has spoiled it. Over the years, I have worked hard to transform my life. I have matured a lot as an adult. The work and education I have personally received from PCA, my county of Sussex and england cricket team It has helped me to come to terms and gain a deeper understanding of being a responsible professional cricketer.

“It’s been a day of action and awareness to combat discrimination from my sport in which I’ve hurt anyone, my teammates and the entire game, I want to apologize unconditionally.

“I don’t want anything that happened eight years ago to undermine the efforts of my teammates and the ECB as they continue to take meaningful action with their broad initiatives and efforts, which I fully support and support.

“I will continue to educate myself, seek advice and work with the support networks available to me to learn more about how to get better in this field. I am sorry, and I have definitely learned my lesson today “

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