May 9, 2021


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Eddie Hearn insists that the contracts being drawn down for Joshua-Fury will take place in Saudi Arabia in the outdoor arena on July 31, August 7, or August 14.

Eddie Hearn insists he’s still 100 percent confident in Joshua Fury’s occurrence and invites Bob Arum for support.

Eddie Hearn revealed today that he is still 100 percent confident that Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury will fight this summer, while indicating that there is an outdoor arena in Saudi Arabia ready to be hosted. According to the promoter, there are three dates in play for Joshua-Fury: July 31, August 7, and August 14.

Hearn is increasingly frustrated by conflicting reports coming from Top Rank and Bob Arum, Fury’s international promoter. Arum said a number of things in recent days: Fury might fight again Deontay Wilder – who is back in training – instead of Joshua; Hearn is not responding to his calls; He wouldn’t be surprised if the Joshua-Fury deal failed.

“I would appreciate a little bit of the positivity from them,” said Hearn, when asked why Arom was keen to downplay the heavyweight confrontation. “I am under pressure to do the fight but all this” needs my hand to run “and” my hand needs to get it sorted “is driving me crazy. We are supposed to be partners in this event. It doesn’t look like it. It is. [Arum] He said we hadn’t spoken for a week, I had spoken to him on Thursday and Friday. All the lawyers spoke on Sunday. “

The contract, the financial terms of which have been agreed to by all parties, is now in the hands of four attorneys to finalize it. There is a letter of intent from hosts in the place. Once the contract is in a position to be signed, Hearn expects there will be some final discussions on the minor points before everything is agreed upon.

“It’s a huge deal,” Hearn said. “I think they are [Top Rank] do not believe. I don’t think they were involved in a deal of this size. I know these are serious players. When they write that it happens in writing, it does happen but you have a number of attorneys who have to sit in front of it, one might be in London, another in Los Angeles, the other in the Middle East. It takes a couple of days to get feedback on a draft. I was expecting it to be signed now but it could be signed on Friday I just think they don’t believe it because they weren’t involved in a deal like this.

“I am 100 per cent sure this is happening but I am a positive person. I would appreciate some positivity from them [Team Fury]. All this stuff about “Hearn is hopeless, time is running out” and I think you have some tricks because they did nothing, not one meeting, not one phone call.

The issue would not be that the fighting did not take place because of the location. If something strange happens to them, and they choose not to fight … but I don’t see that happening. Fury is happy with the money and the deal. I think they will sign it. There is a lot of money involved for anyone to turn it down. “

Saudi Arabia now appears to be the only country in a race to host the fight.

“I’m not saying anything but Bob confirmed it [is Saudi Arabia] Hearn said. “We know the city now, we know the place plans, and we know everything. Maybe it was four or five days where I wanted to do that. But I know these people. How do you Bob now?” [doubtful about Saudi] It is where you were before The rematch of Joshua-Ruiz. I didn’t think it was real and all of a sudden they turned millions of pounds.

“These people are not. You don’t draft letters of intent unless they are fully screened.”

Both fighters wanted to fight in an outdoor arena, Hearn said. The temperature has been mentioned as an issue, especially in the summer in the Middle East, but Hearn insists that this won’t be a problem as the fighting will happen late at night.

“If it’s early August, it is 24 or 25 degrees outside. That’s what they are.” [the fighters] I want to do. It’s hotter than that in O2. “

Another, possibly significant, hurdle is the proposed dates that conflict with the Olympiad. Joshua’s coach, Robert McCracken, is the head of the GB team and is expected to be in Tokyo. As it stands, the boxing tournaments will start on July 23-24 and end August 8th.

“This is a conversation they have to have [Joshua and McCracken]Hearn said. “But I’m sure something can be settled.”