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EDU may be on the verge of signing “one of the best in the world” the whole time Arsenal win £ 8m


One interesting situation that needs to be watched Arsenal This summer is the goalkeeper’s place.

Matt Ryan’s loan is set to end, Bernd Leno might be on his way and a new goalkeeper could be signed which makes the situation somewhat interesting.

one man Arsenal He has been linked to Andre Onana, and if reports believe he can be signed for a bargain price.

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In fact, Goal reports that Onana can be signed for just £ 7m, which is an absolute steal of a stopper previously described as ‘one of the best in the world’.

Of course, there is a downside to signing Onana as it was banned until February 2022 for doping offenses, but according to reports, there are hopes that the ban will be lowered.

£ 7 million for a goalkeeper of his caliber is an incredible deal, but it gets even better when you realize it Artillery You can actually make money by bringing it up and selling Leno.

In fact, The Telegraph claims that Arsenal expects to make at least 15 million pounds for their Germany this summer, so in theory, Gunners could sign Onana and sell Leno with a profit of 8 million pounds which could then be spent on Elsewhere.

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There is a strong case for making Onana actually a better stopper than Leno. After all, he was ranked seventh in the final version of the Yashin Trophy vote, while Leno didn’t even reach the top ten.

If Edo manages to sign Unana for £ 7m and sells Lino for £ 15m, he will have played an absolute Blinder, and while signing Unana will cause short-term trouble because of his ban, the long-term benefits will far outweigh the small problems that can be brought up. Next season.

The move could be a big bang for Arsenal.

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