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Elk Track Cabinet in Elk Track – ROAD TRIP USA


Where exactly is the Elk Track Cabinet?

The Elk Track Cabinet is located on Highway 12, a small rural town on the outskirts of Rainer National Park just outside Pachweld. Pakwoodwood has small grocery stores, breweries and a few dining options.

What was it like to stay in the cabinet?

The hut is located on ten acres of private land, so it feels very neutral, private, and quiet. We spent three days during the harvest season exploring the Reynolds National Park to the east and visiting Adam.

The hut provides a comfortable and relaxing environment for them to return home after being exposed to the cold for days.

Elk Track Cabinet has a wood stove to protect the roof and heat. We were sleeping on the roof of the attic and the temperature was high enough, but if you do not want to build a fire, there is also electric heating.

The cottage has many nice touches that feature characters such as a beautifully carved wooden dining table, window decorations and a red cedar coffee table and other wood interiors.

There is internet and cable TV but during our stay the connection was a bit tricky but that was a good thing that forced us to stay away from social media and television.

Property Properties

  • One bedroom with queen size bed.

  • Upstairs bedroom with TV and DVD player.

  • Kitchen with stove, oven and new refrigerator.

  • Small dining area.

  • Cable TV and Internet

  • Hot tub and outdoor fireplace.

Trails on the property

As mentioned earlier, the nest will cover ten acres[10 ha]. Behind the hut there are several short trails in the woods on the property that leads to a small clear river. I can only imagine how beautiful the river would be during the summer months.

Other Elk Track Cabinets

If you have more friends or family to spend the night with, you will find a fireplace and plenty of space outside the tent.

There is also a new hot tub for relaxing and fresh mountain air.

One of the great things about this property is the regular visit of Elk, a resident of Pacowad.

If you are quiet and get up early, you are likely to see 10 to 20 herds of elk grazing outside the cabinet.

During our stay, we even had a local black bear lying just a few meters away from the floor of the cabinet. Stay on the property camera trap otherwise we would not have known.

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