Emma Raducanus success makes me feel like I have failed as a parent

It can not be helped. When a superstar celebrity credits their parents for the devotion and sacrifices they have made to help a child reach their goals, the feeling of joy gives way to a nibbling sense of shame. Of course, one’s heart swells to see parental love supported by e.g. Marcus Rashford and even Stormzy, but a deep-rooted anxiety is ready to take over.

Take the stunning victory of Emma Raducanu at Flushing Meadows. She is unique! What a comeback after a disappointing tournament at Wimbledon. Instead of being written off, this 18-year-old student at A-level managed to take her failure and let it drive her through to a grand slam victory.

More surprisingly, she scored all of this while she was an A * student and showed an ability for math that is on par with her championship tennis, all in a time of Covid and lockdowns. She is talented, smart and beautiful to start. She claims that her success is due to her “very difficult to please parents”. And there it is! The phrase that sinks the hearts of millions of middle-class mothers and fathers.

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