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After an introductory speech about innovation for students and entrepreneurs earlier this week, the French president put on football equipment for a charity match on Thursday in Poissy (suburb of Paris). As a fan of “Olympique de Marseille” (OM), Macron played for the day in midfield in a team that included former international defender Marcel Desailly, former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and 1998 World Cup winner Christian Karembeu.

The French leader was asked to take a penalty and managed to make a draw against his opponent’s guard from Poissy’s hospital.

The event was organized by the “Fondation des Hopitaux”, a hospital charity that welcomed Brigitte Macron as one of its patrons as she took over from Bernadette Chirac.

3,000 tickets were sold because many curious people wanted to see their president on the plane.

The organization aims to improve the daily lives of children, teenagers and the elderly who are hospitalized anywhere in France.

Macron is reportedly waiting for next year to launch his re-election campaign but has introduced two million long-term projects in the same week, suggesting he wants to be the one to implement them.

On Tuesday, he unveiled a € 30 billion multi-channel plan to revive French industry before revealing a € 200 million investment in sports facilities ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

After the match, Macron told reporters that “the goal is not just to get medals, it will be to put sport at the center of the nation.”

A new poll published on Thursday showed that he came out on top in the first round of the 2022 presidential election with 24-28 percent of the vote and then won the second round.

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“We are up against the wall. The health care system did not need this,” Corinne, a nurse who has been helping for the past 30 years, told Euronews during a demonstration in Paris in early September.

As of 7 September, approximately 84% of care providers in nursing homes, hospices, hospitals and other facilities in the country have received their full vaccination course, with a course rising to 91.1% for self-employed people such as doctors and nurses.

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