Emmanuel Macron may offer UN seat for EU army

France is the only member state to have a permanent seat on the council after Brexit. The EU only has observer status. The United Kingdom, the United States, China and Russia hold the other four permanent seats tasked with maintaining international peace and veto power.

France’s demands to increase defense spending to influential countries such as Germany, Italy, and Spain, in response, demanded from Berlin that Paris put the UN seat to work for Brussels.

Angela Merkel and Olaf Scholz The primary candidate to replace him as chancellor, both put forward the request, which was always denied by Paris.

Macron appears to be willing to discuss sharing the UN seat if he gets concessions on steps towards common EU defense and concessions that will allow the EU to speak with one voice on foreign policy.

“No comment,” Elysée said on Tuesday night, when asked about the possibility of handing over the Security Council seat to the EU.

France and Germany want EU member states to get rid of their effective vetoes on foreign policy and replace the need for unanimity with a population-weighted vote. The move will give Paris and Berlin even greater influence and will face opposition from some member states.

The UK has long opposed the creation of a European military force, and lawmakers have warned that excluding the UK post-Brexit will only fall into the hands of Western enemies.

“The UK represents a quarter of all Europe’s military capability. It only helps our enemies keep us out of any discussion of improving our continental defense posture,” said Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the defense selection committee.

Bob Seely, a senior Conservative MP, warned: “If the EU Army undermines NATO or results in the separation of the US and Europe, or produces a paper army, Europe will make the weakest and most dangerous act of self-harm. rise.”

Mr Seely added that an EU Army would mean disarming Europe, while potential enemies “re-arm”.

He added that France’s talk about using the UN seat felt “more about what France should see and present itself as a great power with what it hopes to dominate the EU”.

“I think this is a bit of a fantasy given the economic imbalance between France and Germany – it has certainly proven to be the case in the past,” he said.

He urged France to “see the big picture”.

‘A unique opportunity for him and Europe’

But France takes over the six-month rotating presidency of the EU on 1 January, giving it a crucial role in intergovernmental negotiations. Macron will hold a joint summit with the President of the European Commission on EU defense during this period.

“This is a unique opportunity for him and for Europe,” said Mr Gozi, who was chosen by the French president as one of the first transnational MPs. Transnational MEPs represent the EU rather than countries and are a favorite project of Mr. Macron, who sees them as a way to strengthen EU democracy.

“We must be ready to affirm our transatlantic alliance, but also to be adults and take responsibility for our security,” Gozi said. Said. “Of course Macron will push hard. I would say that is probably his highest priority right now.”

There are plans for the EU to support joint cyber defense and intelligence sharing and to establish a joint situational awareness center alongside the 5,000-strong force. The Commission said VAT could be waived on EU-made military equipment to give French defense companies an advantage over their international rivals.

France and Italy announced Aukus pact It proves that the EU must build its “sovereign autonomy” and be less dependent on an unreliable USA.


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