Emmerdale character arrested for Andrea’s murder, real killer Meena framed them

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In the final episode of Emmerdale, detectives make an arrest in Andrea Tate’s recent death, but her real murderer who was taken in wasn’t Meena Jutla.

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Emmerdale: Meena left Andrea to die in the burning maze

Emmerdale released an arrest Wednesday night after detectives launched a murder investigation into Andrea Tate’s death.

In the closing moments of the episode, it was her ex-mother-in-law, Kim Tate, who was accused of killing Andrea.

Andrea’s real killer, Meena Jutla, has long blamed the village’s villain after fearing that she would become a suspect because of her testimony.

Kim had a big fight with Andrea over her daughter Millie the day before she died.

After the apparent death of Kim’s son and Millie’s father, Jamie Tate, Andrea didn’t want Millie near Kim.

As things heat up, Kim is horrified to learn that Andrea has issued a restraining order against her to keep her away from her and her daughter.

Emmerdale issued an arrest Wednesday night after detectives launched a murder investigation



Meena kindly informed the police when they came for surveillance, following her decision to launch a murder investigation.

The detective had suggested that it was “strange” that Meena didn’t see Andrea in the maze, or at least not hear him.

Meena had to think on her feet when asked what else was going on until her death, as it was now considered murder.

Kim had a big fight with Andrea over her daughter Millie the day before she died.

It reminded the character of how he claimed that the maze was already burning when he entered and saw Priya Sharma there.

He denied once again that he knew Andrea was there, adding: “Despite all the smoke, he could have passed me, and the murderer could have passed.”

Worried that the killer was still on the run, he quickly decided that he needed to set someone else up to get himself out of the spotlight.

She told him, “Actually, something might happen… forget it, it’s probably nothing, and I hate getting anyone in trouble. I wasn’t a witness, I wasn’t a witness to anything out there anyway.

“[I witnessed] An argument between Andrea and someone else. Kim Tate hated Andrea, she was his bride, and with her son Jamie gone, Andrea was going to make sure she never saw her granddaughter Millie.

Andrea’s real killer Meena Jutla actually framed the village villain for a long time

“Andrea filed a restraining order against him and Kim got very angry. He threatened her and said something like, ‘You’re going to need more than a restraining order to protect you.'”

A few minutes later, the officer came to Home Farm and asked Kim to question her whereabouts and whereabouts when the accident happened.

Because Kim refused to accompany him to the police station, he arrested her on suspicion of murder and the woman was taken away.

Kim was embarrassed and told her she had made a big mistake, but will Meena’s plan work?

Emmerdale airs on ITV at 7 p.m. on weekdays, with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8 p.m.

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