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Emmerdale star’s ‘grateful’ message on returning to soap after character’s death


It was only a few months ago that Reece Dinsdale was in front of the camera as gambling addict Paul Ashdale.

Paul had a brutal end in March after he was killed in a barn explosion.

But he returned to the soap yesterday as a director on the other side of the camera.

He was actually a director on the soap before taking on the role!

He told fans on Twitter: “It just impressed me today how much of an achievement it has been to play a lead role in a play over the past year and now direct the same show.

“It’s not me playing my own trumpet… I’m really amazed/grateful for what’s happened.

“Always grateful.”

Rees tweeted his admiration for his colleagues yesterday: “Today I had the chance to work with some incredibly committed actors and crew. #Emmerdale.

“It’s so easy to dismiss this genre and the people who work in it.

“You really shouldn’t judge until you’ve stood in their shoes and delivered.

“Delivery in those conditions and you can do it anywhere!”


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