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Emon Holmes says in a serious pain relief video that he ‘learned to walk again’ after losing nerves in his leg.


Immanuel Holmes shared a clear video of his recovery after discovering the cause of his serious illness.

The this morning The star was first opened in March to find out the cause of his discomfort and hospitalization.

After living with the terrible pain, he found three slipped discs and a broken hip – but he did not know how.

Earlier this week, 61-year-old Emon said he was “feeling good” and had “long” been suffering from steroid injections.

In a video posted on Twitter, the presenter hinted to fans that he had lost nerves in his right leg.

“Okay, I’m still addicted, and the idea is to get rid of this, and the person who is going to get rid of this for me is James Davis,” Imonon said in a two-minute clip.

Explain that James Amon is now in the process of recovering from a stroke, having trained the muscles around his pelvis and spine.

Before he could tell the camera, Emon finished his various activities and laughed at himself: “It all seems so easy and it’s so easy to learn to walk again.

I lost nerves in my right leg and there are some steps I can’t do even the simplest …

“It’s difficult … but it’s improving,” he added.

Amon then moved on to an indoor gym to continue his rehabilitation work before undergoing further treatment.

The TV star was doing it at his own pace

The entire recovery process has many facets.

James is the boss and you know, he found me here at the medical table. Some of them are very interesting.

If not, I don’t know, but I know he’s doing a good job and you think he’s improving? He told the camera. “A lot! That shows how bad I was in the first place.

But the medical table and his magical hands are very, very important.

The end of the video connects Amon with a very exciting contraceptive.

The explicit video hints at Emon’s recovery

As he explained, sports pressure socks appeared to feed the nerves that end up in his legs. He shared. These are pressure socks, don’t worry, I’m perfectly fine.

These many well-known athletes are used to help the healing process … but in the meantime I think I will only do 45 minutes and it is very comfortable.

Finally, he added: “Thank you for watching.


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