Enter the magical world of the wheel of time In New Preview

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Prime Video has just released the trailer for its upcoming fantasy series – The wheel of time, and not to be dramatic, but we’m pretty sure it’s the coolest trailer we’ve ever seen.

The series, which launches November 19, is based on the best-selling book series of Robert Jordan and stars Golden Globe winner – Rosamund Pike. (Because of Pat Sajak | ginn happy enough to spin this wheel too? Oh, not that kind of wheel? OK, have it.)

The Wheel of time takes place in a fantasy world where magic exists, but only a few women, and no men, are allowed access to it. And we got a taste of that magical world thanks to Prime Video’s new immersive trailer that uses the YouTube 360 ​​player and has spatial audio. As spectators scan around, artifacts appear around the interactive wheel, making it different from anything we’ve ever seen.

If this series is at all half as cool as the trailer, we’ll officially count down the days until its release.

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