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Eric Metaxas, Christian Writer, Canceled by YouTube: ‘They Hit Us’


Christian writer Eric Metaxas has shut down his show for violating content restrictions on YouTube, which the program’s creator described as a “hatchetjob”.

Mr Metaxas, author of the bestselling biography on theologians Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther, said the channel “The Eric Metaxas Radio Show” was permanently banned for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

A second channel, “Erik Metaxas”, which mainly posts his television appearances and has 4,500 subscribers, is still active. His radio show can still be seen on Rumble.

“I’m all stuck. I’m mad because I’ve been removed from YouTube forever,” Mr. Metaxas said during his Tuesday show on Rumble. “People don’t realize it — it’s a huge financial hit, but you know it’s because we’re over the target.”

He said the show, which had 215,000 subscribers, tried to avoid YouTube by removing some of the content.

“We also removed everything we thought might offend them in the Communist Party, and they still completely rejected us,” said Mr. Metaxas. “They didn’t give us leave for just two weeks or something. This is an extraordinary thing. We’re going through a strange time.”

The move follows the removal this year of leading conservative channels run by former White House senior adviser Sebastian Gorka and LifeSight News.

Newsbusters from the conservative Media Research Center called the Metaxas show “the latest casualty of Big Tech censoring ideas they don’t like”.

The show’s digital media producer Chris Himes said the channel was banned after receiving three strikes in a 90-day period, the latest for an April interview with lockdown critic Naomi Wolf, which YouTube called “our Violates medical misinformation policy.”

The video was titled, “Naomi Wolf Sounds the Alarm on Vaccine Passports and a Social Credit System in America.”

“We have had 4 strikes (3 and one early warning) in the past few months,” Mr. Himes said in an email. “We were a few days before a warning expired. So they beat us up.”

He said it “seemed more punitive and subjective than rational. Why did it take 2 months to issue a violation? #Shaking one’s dignity.”

The Washington Times has contacted Google, which owns YouTube, for comment.

The other three breaches were to show that YouTube advanced “false claims that widespread fraud, errors or malpractices altered the outcome of the US 2020 presidential election.”

Mister Metaxas, a conservative public intellectual whose show is syndicated by Salem Radio, also hosts an event series called “Socrates in the City” in New York City.

A supporter of former President Donald Trump, Mr Metaxas has written three children’s books that have “Donald the Caveman” as the protagonist.

His latest book is “Fish Out of Water: A Search for the Meaning of Life” (Salem Books, 2021).

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