Erika Jayne’s lifestyle has not changed at all, the lawyer says

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As their scandal continues, Erika Jayne insisted she was broken and that her life was ruined.

In many ways this is true. She was once a beloved housewife, and now many spectators turned on her.

But a prominent lawyer involved in the case thinks Erika has not fallen as far as she says in many ways.

As for him, Erika made a lot of PR mistakes, and her lifestyle is exactly the same as it was before.

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Jay Edelson spoke about the Reality Life With Kasey Podcast this week.

“I think there are reports that they are as much as $ 600,000 for the [Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] Season, “Jay remarked.

Yes, Erika Jayne’s Bravo Paychecks are not shy, to say the least.

“And she has her glam frame and, you know, we all have to cry with her,” Jay joked.

“The idea of ​​you sleeping in a place of $ 10,000 a month is really offensive,” the lawyer commented.

“She has a lot of fans, but I doubt many of them spend $ 10,000 a month to live,” Jay observed.

Jay Edelson continued, “I doubt many of them have glam squads.”

“This whole thing [she said of], ‘Oh, I have these houses I’ve never heard of. Let me Google where they are, ” Jay continues.

The lawyer expressed: “Everything is just so sound deaf.”

“Her character she portrays is this, ‘I have tons of money and I’m not going to be an F,'” Jay characterizes.

“That’s very good. That’s great. It makes great reality television,” the lawyer said.

Jay said, “But it stops the second one where you stole money from widows and orphans.”

Jay Edelson suggested that the legal scandal should be a game changer for Erica and how she presents herself.

First, she should have “changed tacks” when it came to her public image.

And in particular, she would have taken very public, very positive action regarding the victim.

“Maybe you want to do something to actually make sure these people are done completely,” Jay suggested.

“She could do that,” he said.

“She could make a collection in a second,” Jay remarked, “and pay out the $ 2 million in judgment that these people owe.”

Additionally, he said the case against her and Tom has been helped a lot … but this season by the show.

“This season of Real Housewives, it’s as painful as it was to watch – just because I look through the eyes of the victims,” ​​Jay said.

He added that “there has been a lot of evidence for us.”

That does not mean, however, that it is exactly the same as evidence.

“On TV, you can say whatever you want,” Jay admitted.

He added: “Under oath, you must tell the truth.”

It’s certainly true that Erika’s behavior on screen did not help her.

At least it may not have helped her case.

Many suggested that any lawyer in charge tell her not to discuss the case.

However, lawyers must be paid. And without his wealth, Erica would surely need the show to pay those bills.

Everyone is watching her on screen, and her source of income could also eventually lead to more problems.

At the same time … it was a Goldmine rating all season. Bravo is perhaps the only winner in this story.

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