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EU breaks 3-year ‘partnership’ with Facebook complainants – POLITICO


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Three years ago, the European Union (EU) Consumer Agencies Group filed a lawsuit against Facebook in several countries for allegedly hacking millions of users’ social media accounts.

More than 300,000 angry Facebook users have been charged with felony criminal mischief, and the company has promised personal compensation if found guilty.

On Friday, those allegations were quietly transformed into a new partnership with Facebook.

Uroconsumer, an umbrella group behind the Spanish, Italian, Belgian and Portuguese lawsuits, has announced that it will enter into a partnership with the company, which focuses on Facebook users’ “safety and privacy”.

The move comes after Politico Aeroconsummer announced it would drop the case with Facebook at the end of April – highlighting the fact that joint action lawsuits will not reach the finish line in Europe, shielding companies from the kind of action that weakens companies. In US courts, leaving consumers with little money.

Initially, the Euroconsists informed the participants, and a ዩ 200 compensation would be required for each Facebook user who had been misinformed.

In the end, however, there will be no court decisions, no misrepresentation on Facebook and no direct payments to users due to the settlement, according to Euroconommer.

Instead, he said, consumer groups and Facebook are setting up a joint committee focusing on three priorities: sustainability, digital development and combat fraud. The focus of the case was on the privacy issue – your “umbrella” where your priorities fall.

Consumers are being given an undisclosed amount of comfort.

We promise to “reward” the four consumer groups with a “package to keep consumers safe online” – but no big money.

Asked if he had paid for the settlements on Facebook, the group declined to comment. Politico contacted Facebook, but the company did not immediately respond to a press release.

Meanwhile, the committee is not committed to achieving certain results.

“There are some initiatives in implementation, but there will also be a consumer reporting center. We can report emerging issues such as feedback from our members,” said Ell Biegram, policy director at Eurocommergers.

A spokesman for the group said: “It is time to try to influence the cause from far-off companies.”

Although he speaks legally, the heat is off Facebook.

Consumer groups will review their partnerships over a three-year period.

“The one-year deal was too short. Three years is enough to assess it. During that time, there will be a lot of changes in the digital world,” the spokesman said.

In the meantime, a change in the law could give more impetus to future common lawsuits in Europe: a directive passed at the end of last year. Leading to the great Pan-European common cause.

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