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Swiss Foreign Minister Ignacio Cassis said his countries’ demands “were not met by Brussels”. In response, David C. Bannermann, Brexiteer’s representative and former EU representative to the Tory Party, said that Switzerland could rescind its entire agreement with the EU.

“Switzerland is now likely to abandon its 120 bilateral agreements with the EU, move away from the EU single market and approve a trade deal similar to the British TCA,” he wrote on Twitter. [Trade and Cooperation Agreement]”

Brussels was ridiculed by Express.co.uk readers for being short-sighted.

“Everyone grows up to be a Brexiteer,” one said.

“It’s called wisdom, it comes from experience, and that’s why repayers are disappearing.”

Another added: “The Swiss chose freedom, how long did they meet?”

A third said: “And what will be the EU’s response to this latest event?” Europe more? “

Switzerland and the European Union clashed during negotiations on free movement laws.

Brussels wanted free movement for all EU citizens, regardless of whether they were employed in the country.

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“The government has realized that negotiations with the European Union in three areas have not led to the necessary solutions,” added Swiss President Guy Parmelin.

“That’s why the government decided to end the negotiations.”

Several Express.co.uk readers commented on the strength of Switzerland’s position, and asked if Britain could help.

“Good for the Swiss,” one said.

“We need to create a free trade area that enables other EU countries to leave.”

“The Swiss could make life very difficult for the EU if they stop accessing EU goods using tunnels and rail networks,” he said.

Another wrote: “Anyone who thinks that membership of the European Electricity Union or health ‘cooperation’ could be a good thing is being economical with the truth.

“Vaccine destruction has clearly shown health.

“What Switzerland has learned is that the EU’s share of world trade and GDP has been declining year by year.

“Ponzi’s socialist plan is failing and it is time for us to prefer Britain and prioritize our trade with the rest of the world.”

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