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EU prepares heavy punishment against UK if Brexit Northern Ireland protocol is not respected after June


If the Brexit Northern Ireland Protocol is not respected after June, the EU prepares for heavy punishment against the UK / Photo Credit: Palinchak/Frederic Legrand | dreamstime.com

European Commission Vice President Maros Sefkovic has warned Britain that the EU Do not be shy Working to ensure that Britain lives up to its international commitments as a sovereign nation.

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This follows a sign indicating the UK government’s intention to consider expanding unilaterally time frame Northern Irish shops may therefore be allowed to continue selling cold meat, sausages and minced meat arriving from Britain after the Brexit Northern Ireland protocol ends later this month.

The bloc, therefore, expects Prime Minister Boris Johnson to avoid the move otherwise would face a retaliatory penalty, which could include taking legal action against the UK and imposing harsh tariffs on its exports.

It is expected that the EU will give Britain a two-month ultimatum to withdraw the border check moratorium under the Brexit withdrawal agreement, and if it fails to withdraw, the matter will appear before the European Court of Justice.

If the ECJ rules still in favor of the EU and the UK refuse to abide by the regime, the Commission will have no choice but to hit UK exports with hefty tariffs … after Brexit, according to a Commission factsheet. Part of a later trade deal.

There are also concerns that the EU could attack the UK’s financial and tech industry, according to Anton Spisak of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. politician That Brussels can do it because it can control the outcome.

It is also expected that Brussels may consider withdrawing its cooperation in the areas of security and law enforcement. Britain’s ambition to join the Lugano Convention – which defines which national courts have jurisdiction in cross-border cases, could also be scrapped by the EU.

It also wouldn’t be shocking if Brussels decides to bar the UK from participating in research and innovation programs such as Horizon Europe, even though it recently decided the UK could participate in sensitive technology projects.

The UK had previously unilaterally extended the grace period in the Protocol on Supermarket Goods and Parcels, and the commission’s vice-chairman has said this time that the bloc will not tolerate further failures to comply with London.

“Unfortunately, we see many more fundamental gaps in UK implementation – even though the protocol came into force 17 months ago.

“Concrete timelines and milestones for meeting the UK’s current obligations, along with a mutually agreed compliance path, will therefore be an important step – and, I believe, a part of this Joint Committee.” reliable results.

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“If this does not happen, and if the UK takes unilateral action in the coming weeks, the EU will not hesitate to react swiftly, firmly and firmly to ensure that the UK adheres to its international law obligations. It is,” said Mr. Sefkovic.

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