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Euphoric Vibe is an expression of hatred and bone sexual love


Fred Carter as Case Breaker in Shadow and bone. David Apple / Netflix

There is a scene in the new Shadow and bone Kaz Breaker (played by Freddie Carter) realizes that the unsympathetic master has been hurt by a friend and accomplice, Injury Gafa (Amita Suman), one of the coldest bloodthirsty people in the world of crime. She’s holding his side, her hand is bloody, and she’s staring at Kaz. He’s like a collision, his jaw sticking out of her.

That jaw pinch, dear reader, my hand is flexible.

You know, the famous Closer to Mr. Darsie Linn Adaptation in 2005 Pride and Prejudice B. 5 seconds after holding Elizabeth’s hand? Hey you Hand flexible.

But at that moment, Kaz Breaker saw the woman he loved in pain and needed his help, and instead of giving up, he backed away from her. He wants to help but does not know how to touch it; He does not know how to injure his blood, he can use his hands to show his concern for her pain, he can use his hands to take care of someone physically. Of course, this is based on fiction and is based on some in-depth personal injury, but another, more accurate, close-up of this reading is the break-in sex.

Explaining intimacy, we give space to the mental identity of Kaz, who may be in close proximity to Iz Gafa.

But, people say he cares about the engine! He wants to be with her, he just doesn’t know how. Therefore, he cannot be sexual. And there are a lot of people out there who feel the same way. The desire to be with someone without knowing exactly how to express that desire. Touching is allowed, or right, or unknowingly, even when they are flirting, because such sexual misconduct does not hit the head. Misconceptions and conflicting standards of what the opposite sex “do” are viewed as a sexual tragedy and our cultural desire to equate celibacy with sex is a sad side effect.

However, in fiction there is something really beautiful. Ability to transfer your own readings to characters. I say he is Kaz Breaker because he is sexual. Because I look at him and I see my own experiences reflected in the relationship. Because I want him to be excluded, because the theology was not very representative there, and even the worst, the worst, the most contradictory kind of representation is enough for me.

When we think about sex, we think about desires and what someone says, about ourselves, about the world. Avoiding Relationships and Relationships Desire means intimacy. If you never touch it, can you get close to someone else? Or if you do not want to touch them? Or do they just not pay attention when you tell them something to do? Desire is the basis of many narratives, but while it drives the characters’ goals and desires, intimacy is the ultimate goal of desire. For fictional characters, we have to re-determine what intimacy is on the screen and what intimacy is in fiction.

Kaz Breaker is close to the driver. He takes her into his private homes, where she takes her struggles as his own, adapts to her desires, and protects her whenever possible. If intimacy is to be sexual in nature, we lose intimacy. Explaining intimacy, we give space to the mental identity of Kaz, who may be in close proximity to Iz Gafa.

To watch Clear ace characters on the screen It is very rare, because most of the characters in narrative television are portrayed in close connections (at least in part). It is difficult to find even a character like Cass, whose reproductive identity is often criticized and admired. Sex characters are often said to be completely uninterested in sex, which is true for some threatening people, but not all. Homosexuality, like sexual identity, is based on special circumstances. We find a character who has conflicting desires that are in conflict with Kaz but who are still sexually aroused. It is incredibly fun to see a casket on the screen, it is a confirmation of what I know when I read it Six crows Five years ago.

Kaz Breaker is a character that allows for many versatile and versatile interpretations. He has desires and desires, but he is allowed to have confusion, anger, frustration, and emotional turmoil. To think that he wants Kaz, even as a close friend, gives the audience a more accurate, broader, definition of sexual misconduct. His relationships are still valid, his interests are still spinning, and most of all he is not better or worse. He is the only one, and he is very busy preparing what he thinks of sex so much.

Here are some small jawbone cuts made without touching your best friend. I hope to see more of them in the future.

Shadow and bone It is being released on Netflix.

Looking at ‘shadows and bones’ is a sexual obsession

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