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Everyone who can eat tacos and tequila in Las Vegas


Everyone who can eat your tacos and tequila in Las Vegas? Yes please! If you like Tacos and Tequila, you will love this AYCE Tacos and Tequila deal. Here is everything you need to know, including the method of doubling your tequila.

You too Journey to Las Vegas, Eating outdoors can be expensive. I always want roads Save money on foodEspecially during the holidays. Let’s find out if a city exists Restaurant Week Or find Happy Hour Deals, Paying less for food means more money for other activities such as going A beautiful spa And get one Massage.

You can find such unique things in Vegas The cheapest steak and eggs Or eat at the restaurants where you participate Airline dining program to the Get as many miles and points as you can.

So I am very happy that Takos and Tequila have got everything to eat.

How do you get all the tacos and tequila to eat?

You can get it In “The Still” you can eat your tacos and tequila In Mirage Las Vegas. Every Tuesday, you can enjoy AYCE tacos and tequila for $ 29 per person.

You can eat a lot of tacos for two hours and drink as much tequila as you can. There is no sharing or replacement and you must complete all your meals before you can order more. Because he didn’t eat colloidal because Jeff accepted the challenge.

Pro-type Unlike everyone who can eat offers, no one in your party should sign the AYCE agreement.

Taco Choices

Al Pastor Chicken Street Taco

You can choose from two types of tacos: Al Pastor Chicken Taco Pineapple Slow and Carne Asada Tacos with Mexican Slow. You can order both types or stick to one, the choice is yours. Jeff prefers chicken to caramel.

Both tacos include chips and salsa on one side.

You can order multiple tacos at the same time. For the first round, Jeff ordered three: two carnivores and one chicken.

How to double on Tequila

Margarita and the wolf

To order a second drink, you can order only one drink at a time and complete your first drink. But here’s a little trick we learned to double Tequila. Are you there to raise your tacos and tequila and get your money’s worth?

For those of you who can drink Tequila’s room, you can get a wolf shot or you can get the wolf in a cocktail like Margarita.

The trick to doubling your tequila when ordering your drink is to order Margarita alongside the tequila.


You can find tacos and tequila in Las Vegas on Tuesday at The Mirage in Las Vegas.

At $ 29 per person you can enjoy unlimited tacos and tequila for two hours. You can choose from Al Pastor Chicken or Carne Asada tacos. Tacos chips and salsa include one side.

We stayed for about an hour and a half. Despite the busy schedule, Jeff ate six tacos and drank three margaritas and five tequila bullets.

Do you have a deal for AYCE tacos and tequila?

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