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Experience studios offer hope as New CC artists prepare to return to stage – CBS New York


New York (CBS New York) – Actors in rehearsal studios in New York City have returned to work after more than a year on vacation.

CBS 2 Ali Bowman visited a studio space in Queens This helps artists stand on their own two feet.

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Exercise rooms at RWS Studio Long Island City Finally, they are alive again.

“Studio rents have begun. According to Ryan Estana, CEO of RWS Entertainment Group, regional theaters, national tours, and Broadway have reserved a reservation here at our studio.

Ahmed Simons, p Broadway One of the first Hadstone dancers was performing in the West Side Story revival before Broadway closed last year.

“A lot of people came to New York to do this show and now they are back home or going back to where they were before,” he said.

He is working on a separate dance project in the studio, pending “West Side Story” to announce his decision to open.

My reunion was like a breath of fresh air. Like, I just needed it, last year so much, ”said Simmons.

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The epidemic devastated many performing artists and their communities.

I’ve had a year-long career that doesn’t seem to matter much to permanent people, but it’s such a big deal for people in the arts, ”said choreographer Christopher Brooks Sandler.

Busy studios bring hope to the entire industry.

Seeing them fill up, call the studio and say ‘Hey, do you have a place?’ That sounds good. ‘Oh, we’re arrested,’ said Simmons. ‘I wish you hadn’t registered, but I’m glad you’re here.’

This is the first time we have met so many people in one place, ”Sandler said.

Typically, RWS studios can cost up to $ 90 per hour for an artist, but the studio is allowing artists to spend their own money to help them get back on their feet.

“It could ruin the budget for production, theater or film,” Sandler said. “So coming here and making me a better artist that I don’t have to spend that money, that much, that much time. He made me a better copywriter. ”

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So with a little practice, the theater is ready to return to New York.


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