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Expert expresses apprehension over outbreak of Kovid in schools in Bristol. coronavirus


Delta variant outbreak in many schools Bristol This could indicate that the coronavirus infection rate in the city is higher than reported, an expert has warned.

About 11 primary and secondary schools are believed to be affected by the outbreak, with some cases confirmed as the delta variant first discovered in India.

A parent at a school in Bristol said there had been 12 confirmed cases in clusters over the years, including a staff member. Most schools broke for half term on 28 May.

A Bristol City Council spokesman said: “We are aware that there are several confirmed and probable cases of the type of concern (VOC-21APR-02, lineage B.1617) in some schools in Bristol. Our public health teams are involved in these schools and public health Working closely with England to ensure anyone who needs to self-isolate. These staff and students are also being asked to undergo PCR tests as a precaution.

“This particular form of concern is more contagious, but we would like to reassure all residents of Bristol that all confirmed and probable cases are being identified and followed up with intensive contact tracing as part of our local outbreak management plan arrangement. work for. We want to encourage everyone to participate in regular rapid testing.”

The infection rate was fine in Bristol on 21 May 19 per 100,000, suggesting that either child-to-child transmission within schools may be driving a local epidemic or that rates in the community are higher than reported, potentially due to a lack of testing.

A parent whose two children tested positive for coronavirus last week said: “Everyone was really shocked, because the COVID figures for Bristol were, and are still very low.”

Julian Tang, professor of respiratory sciences at the University of Leicester, said Bristol’s example could indicate that school children are becoming “canaries in the coal mine” for rising cases in the community as they come into contact with more people and are more likely to be. More likely may have been tested by worried parents.

It may also indicate that cases are not being detected in the community because non-vaccinated people, who are mostly less vulnerable to severe effects from the virus, may be less likely to be tested because they Not worried about it or because they are worried about being unable. To work or socialize, he said.

Tang said the outbreak undermined the government’s message that “children are not at risk and not a problem”. “The virus doesn’t cause much harm in children, but the risk is that they spread it to older adults,” he said.

Bristol was one of eight local areas to receive incomplete data on positive tests after problems with the software used in England’s test and trace system in April and May. The failure has been attributed to the surge in the Indian edition in some of the worst-affected parts of the country, including Blackburn.

Data from Public Health England Published last week showed 28 recorded cases of the delta variant in Bristol, while the worst-affected local area in Bolton had 1,354 reported cases. There is a long time lag on this data, as genomic sequencing can take up to three weeks to establish what type.

Scientists call on government to accelerate vaccination rates to stop the spread of the delta variant recommended The final phase of the roadmap to reopen the economy on June 21 should be delayed until transmission rates slow to prevent a “third wave” of the coronavirus.

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