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Experts are assessing whether the Kovid variant has a greater impact on children after 10 hospitalizations in Scotland


Health experts are assessing whether the new coronavirus, currently in circulation in Scotland, is having a greater impact on children after 10 children were hospitalized last week.

Tomorrow, Health Secretary hamza yusuf It was learned that 10 children aged nine and below were hospitalized “due to Covid”.

Deputy First Minister and Kovid Recovery Minister john swinney Said that not many children have been hospitalized during the pandemic, but currently the number in hospital is “on the high side”.

Swain said experts are trying to determine if the new variant has something that is making it more challenging for children with a greater impact on children’s health.

he told the bbc good morning scotland Program: “If you go back to the last 12 months, relatively few children have been hospitalized as a result of covid, so now we are clearly seeing a concentration of hospitalizations with the over 50 group because The overwhelming majority of that group are vaccinated, and get some protection.

Experts looking at new variants in Scotland

“There are still some people hospitalized with the vaccine.”

Asked if more children are being hospitalised, he said: “The current number is at a high level, of course we haven’t seen many children hospitalized in the COVID period, but we are now We’re looking at a number, so we’re going to have to look at all of these factors to determine if there’s something emerging that’s making it more challenging for children with greater health impacts, and these are issues like these. which we review continuously and upon which we seek clinical advice.”

Swine also said he is confident he will vaccinate all over 50 in Scotland with both doses by the end of July.

He was asked whether everyone over 50 in Scotland would be vaccinated with both doses by 21 June, a target set in England by UK Vaccines Minister Nadim Zahvi.

Swain replied: “We would be very close to that point but our goal was to complete all the groups 1-9 during July, that was always our figure, that’s what we’ve been working on, but of course we’re trying. We are able to accelerate vaccination where we are able to do so provided supplies are available and that is the work that is going on now that is providing substantial progress.

“We said we would finish this exercise in June/July, that is exactly what we will do and we are confident that the program we have in place is capable of doing exactly that.

“We’ve talked about the end of July and I’m sure that’s exactly what we’ll achieve.”


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