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Explore these 7 new reasons to garden | Health stroke


There is no better time to start gardening than now. (For spectator health stroke)

As gardening continues to grow, people are becoming accustomed to the obvious benefits, such as affluent farm markets, restaurants from table to table, and growing in beehives.

But even with the plants in their hands, there are rich payments, even for those who are willing to do so. Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital.

According to the National Vegetable Association, the top one in three Americans produce only one type of food in decades.

Many are health and eco-centered millennials, such as Jados, who receive gardens with record numbers.

About five years ago, we moved to a new home on three acres[3 ha]. The previous owners owned a large garden and had already done a lot of work. My wife and I looked at each other and wondered, ‘Why not?’

Since then, the couple has learned to cultivate, plant and harvest their gardens while caring for five, two great Danes and two careers.

As a gardener, she enjoys sitting in the garbage, collecting green beans, admiring gooseberries, or chilling her own basil and tomato sauce.

And she found many reasons to encourage any beginner to walk the green side.

She talks about gardens

1. Promote health and happiness

a lot of Studies People who work in the garden have shown that they are less stressed, feel better, and have a higher sense of humor. They are often upset and less likely to get tired. Jados says he comes to consciousness: “Listening to bees, occasionally seeing snakes, biting my hands – helps me to be grounded and accurate at this time.”

2. Enrich food

Although the Yados family loved gardening at the time, she also liked to extend it. I take zucchini and refrigerate it for use throughout the winter. I made pickles. And now I have cooled my tomato sauce, but I hope you can do it soon. ”

3. Teach children healthy habits

Research He showed that children who spend time in gardens grow up eating more produce. “I get such a beating when I see one of my twins eating a pea with sugar,” she says.

4. Changing communities

Small private gardens and community gardens that can include farms such as farms Urban roots In the Great Rapids, Michigan and Good growing Improve health and improve food deserts in Muscat. Researchers He found that people in low-income communities were less anxious, ate more produce, and became more active in gardening.

5. They are as good as going to the gym

Experts 155 pounds per person burns 167 calories in 30 minutes. That is more than weight lifting, golf or calistics.

6. Offer more flavor

Not only are plants the easiest to grow, but they are also the healthiest.

“When we make more herbs and spices, we can use less salt and fat,” says Jados. “They taste great – in addition, they have found useful nutrients on their own. And they are also easy to cool down at the end of the year. ”

7. Encourage optimism

“There is a great deal of success when it comes to starting a race and turning it into something real,” she says.

Preferred for many miraculous payments? A single plant can weigh up to 3 to 9 pounds at a time.

The only warning for new gardeners? Start small. She and her husband planted two-thirds of their garden to make it more manageable.

“Large gardens are time consuming and can reach great heights,” he said. It is important to know how much time they are willing to give. ”

Finally, she says that before you start, it will help you to get rid of any imperfections.

“You don’t have to be completely organic, or start everything from scratch. There will be failures. We will continue to adapt to the Brussels sprouts. ” Just go out there and try it out. ”

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