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Fact or Fiction: Kirby Smart of Georgia Has to Win It All This Year


National Columnist in Today’s Fact or Fiction Mike Farrell The college looks at three recent big topics in football and decides whether each statement is actually a fact or if it is a fiction.


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1. Kirby Smart needs to win it this year.

Kirby Smart (AP Image)

Farrell’s Take: The Facts. OK Kirby, that’s it. CLEMSON and alabama are replacing key weapons, including the quarterback, and Ohio State is doing the same. Oklahoma a ton of talent, but with adding players like Darien Kendrick and tykey smith In the defensive backfield, the UGA defense is fully loaded. and throw in the tight end Eric Gilberto and his Kyle Pitts– Capability and offense as explosive as it has been.

the only problem? Now you have to win it.

With the transfer additions, in my opinion, UGA has become the clear favorite to win the national title, and it is time that on-the-field results reflect off-the-field recruitment. It was nice to reach the title game and almost beat Alabama, but in 2021 this is the year UGA has to do it all. no pressure.

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2. Dan Mullen will coach Florida until 2026.

Dan Mullen

Dan Mullen (AP Image)

Farrell’s Take: Fiction. Mullen has just signed an extension Florida Going through 2026, which is ironic because I was just answering questions about his commitment to college football on radio shows and podcasts. I think he loves the coach, but I’m not sure he likes recruiting and the transfer portal and name, image, likeness rules make college football more complicated.

Mullen was rumored to be in the running for some NFL jobs this off-season and has made some comments that make you think he might be keeping an eye on the NFL, so I don’t see him in Gainesville until 2026.

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3. Zach Charbonnet is the answer to running back for UCLA.

Zach Charbonnet

Zach Charbonnet (AP Image)

Farrell’s Take: The Facts. UCLA It doesn’t get a lot of attention, but as one of the last teams to end spring football, it’s clear that maybe the Bruins should. chip kelly Is the team headed in the right direction and the offense can be downright scary, especially with the addition of Zach Charbonnet from Michigan.

According to sources, the California native is happy to be back home, and he looks great at the Spring Ball. His size is important, but he can also slim down and hold a football if needed. He’s going to be bad.

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