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Fact or Fiction: The Folders are back in action for Eric Gilbert


In fact or fiction today, a national columnist from Rivals Mike Farrell He looks at three topics in college football and decides whether he believes the statements are true or fictional.

1. Derion Kendrick will end up in Georgia.

Derion Kendrick (Getty Images)

Farrell’s opinion: Fact. This is what I hear. the previous Clemson The star was back in the discussion this week when some rumors surfaced my way of a possible decision next week. Now it appears that Georgia It is a program to win.

Derion Kendrick He’s still finishing his lessons at Clemson and awaiting gun and possession charges being dropped, but if all goes well for him, he could be a staple part of the Bulldogs defense next season.

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2. Returning Folders to Play for Eric Gilbert.

Eric Gilbert

Eric Gilbert (Getty Images)

Farrell’s opinion: fact. Well, up to a point. I heard some in Eric GilbertIt is not wanted by a family LSUGeorgia is a possibility and his comfort level is with it Harrison Bailey Strong and Tennessee It can be a happy medium for everyone.

However, he has academic issues that could prevent everything and there is no guarantee that he will end up anywhere except for JUCO next season as well. It all depends on the programs you want to remove the many obstacles that you face.

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3. Charlie Kolar from Iowa is the best narrow end in the country.

Charlie Collard

Charlie Kolar (Getty Images)

Taken from Farrell: Illusion. Charlie Collard He’s back for this season when he could have been in the 2021 NFL Draft and is a name on the radar for many of the 2022 NFL teams.

But make no mistake – Galen Wiedermeier at Texas A&M It is the TE1 in the draft NFL 2022 and it’s not coming soon. Wydermyer wouldn’t be among the top five like Kyle Bates But the top 20 possible. He is expected to have a huge season.

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