May 9, 2021


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Fallu Gong’s media spread false rumors about Democrats and Chinese communists | American News

US news outlets linked to the Falun Gong religious movement, which has been embroiled in decades of conflict with the Chinese Empire, have been successful in promoting conspiracy theories. Democrats, Election Fraud and Communists in the United States for Trump Supporters’ Rights.

Experts say that in the aftermath of the epidemic, cable news channel NTL, and in particular the multimedia enterprise EPT Times, will strengthen efforts to connect and strengthen Republicans Joe Biden and Democrats with the Communist Party of China (CCP). Opposes U.S. public opinion China.

According to Angelo Caruso, president and CEO of US Media, these networks, and especially the EPT Times, have always been critical of China and somewhat right-wing, but they were not considered a problem during the 2016 election. Spreading lies on social media platforms such as Facebook.

However, in a telephone conversation, Caruso said that the Epoc Times has been strong in distorting conspiracy theories since 2017 and has started spending money to highlight their message on platforms such as YouTube.

“Social media has left a gaping hole for fake news outlets,” says Caruso. “What the EPT Times did well was to get right into that gap.” And he says they got their hands on donating money to big tech platforms.

Epoc Times After spending nearly $ 11 million on Facebook ads in 2019, the forum banned them for violating the rules on transparency in political advertising. But the exit simply took the job elsewhere: according to information from Patmathics, a media analysis.

Linn To date, Epock Times has spent an estimated $ 930,000 on digital advertising, advertising videos and desktop display ads. More than 95% of the cost was on YouTube.

Linn In 2020 and in the early life of the Biden administration, the EPT Times and NDL similarly promoted conspiracy theories related to the Kunon movement, and are thought to be linked to the “United Battalion” global network, even half as much as Uranium One. Inspired Conspiracy Theory Hillary Clinton, as US Secretary of State, had proposed to the Clinton Foundation to sell uranium deposits to Russia.

While some of the right-wing brokers, such as American News and Newsmax, have made a profit by providing low- and low-demand food to those on the right, who see American politics as a conspiracy theorist, Caruso said it is wrong to look at sites like Fungong Gong. Standard media companies.

The main goal of the Epoc Times – now published under the supervision of a non-profit network in 36 countries – is not to make a profit, but to make a long and lasting “impact”. And the goal of that impact, for its part, is “anti-CCP. To stir up emotions. ”

Using the deep polarization process of the party in American politicsAnd on the right-wing side of the United States, a long-standing anti-Semitic culture, such as Carson’s statements, has linked the BD and the Democratic Party to extremist left-wing activities such as anti-fascism and then anything related to the CCP’s influence. ”They wanted to publish. However, it is degrading.

He estimates that Republicans will be able to cooperate with these counties – and has spread a lot of information about the Covid-19 epidemic – “What will Joe Biden do about the cholera virus in China?” They ask.

Although there is no direct confirmation of cooperation, former Trump aide Steve Bannon and Chinese exiled Chinese billionaire Gua Wengi have already indicated their willingness to send anti-Chinese messages, such as those who support Bannon’s activities and are in exile in China. Consulting for contracts and donations.

Steve Banon and Guo Wengui (also known as Miles Coke)  He attended a news conference in New York in 2018.
Steve Banon and Guo Wengui (also known as Miles Coke) He attended a news conference in New York in 2018. Photo: Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Linn The outbreak, which began in January 2020, was caused by a Chinese bioway, according to both the Banon radio program and GG News. Following the April issue, the EP Times reported on a biographical claim and that the Chinese government, which launched the deliberate epidemic, took further opportunities to cite.

According to Caruso, it is a feature of these networks to re-read such existing plot narratives. “They are not drivers, they are not weaving new concepts, they are already emphasizing what is already there,” he said.

This growing effort seems to be well under way. Although many Epoc Times nonprofits vary, the headquarters noted that the first Epoc Times Association Inc., based in New York City, saw significant revenues and contributions increase annually between 2016 and 2019, according to the IRS 990. In 2016, the association earned $ 3.9m, raising $ 15.4m in 2019 and clearing $ 1.86m after payroll and expenses.

One exit site has clearly confirmed its affiliation with a religious organization called Falun GongKijong”The movement teaches followers to practice breathing, movement, and meditation. Former employees, however, say they are run by followers of the movement, and Falun Gong, founder and leader of Lee Hong Kong, and others in the movement’s hierarchy, have a strong influence on the anti-China message.

Along with the English language broadcasts, Chinese language broadcasters and a dance troupe distributed the group’s messages.

Although Falun Gong appeared in Challon in the 1990s, the founder still lives in the United States.

Linn The Epic Times, which began as a print newspaper in 2000, is a strong opponent of CCP, which persecuted Falun Gong and others. Kijong Activities since the late 1990s.

The newspaper was founded in Georgia by John Tang, a follower of the Chinese-American Falun Gong, and a group of like-minded merchants. It spread worldwide over the next half decade.

Caruso is a member of the NDI. He said the intensification of the conspiracy theories on the results of the Epoc Times would have a greater impact on the future of the right-wing coalition and the 2022 mid-term elections in the coming months.

There is an amazing demand for a world version that focuses on one big bad guy. ” is there. “The EPT Times offers that simple narrative.”