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Fara Williams is handing out free match tickets to lucky Southampton residents

UK icon Fara Williams took to the streets today Southampton Distributing surprise tickets to residents for Friday’s 2023 World Cup Qualifiers at St Mary’s.

Lionesses plays North Macedonia at home. saints (7pm) To kick off the road to the upcoming tournament in Australia and New Zealand.

England’s clash on the south coast marks the start of a new era for the side, with former Dutch coach Sarina Wiegman taking over after her appointment last September.

Lionesses legend and all-time England player Williams scored 40 goals in 172 appearances for the national team before announcing his retirement earlier this year.

Speaking while rewarding lucky residents with game tickets, Williams told the Daily Echo: “It was a really nice afternoon.

“In terms of street names here in Southampton, they are well known in Australia and New Zealand with the same names of the World Cup venues.

“The FA thought it would be a good idea to wander those streets and hand out tickets to some lucky families.

“My job is to meet happy families and kids who have free tickets to watch the game on Friday night.”

He added: “Going to a live game after probably the worst two years of our lives in terms of deadlock – unknown.

“But the kids looked so happy to be able to go out and watch a live sports game.

“Southampton and St Mary’s have been great over the years in terms of what they have delivered to the Lioness teams.

They will also be one of the stadiums hosting the Euro next summer,” he said.

Looking at the beginning of new boss Wiegman’s magic on the job, Williams said: “I think his appointment was necessary. I think this group of players, the talented players we have, they definitely needed someone who could take them to the next level.

“I think he’s someone who can do that. If you look at his record with the Dutch team to win the Euro and win a World Cup final, he also had over 100 games for the Netherlands in terms of playing.

“I talked to some players about him this week and they said he’s been firm, very direct and clear in his messages. It’s something I think this group of players needs.”

Tickets are still available for the band opening at St Mary’s. To reserve your tickets, please visit the FA Website.

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