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Farrell’s NFL Mock Draft: Four QBs enter the top ten


The NFL draft starts this Thursday and Jacksonville is around the clock. Here’s the final mock draft of Mike Farrell before round one begins.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

QB Trevor LawrenceAnd the Clemson: This is a finished and no-brainer deal, as Lawrence is arguably the best quarterback player in the franchise since he named a man John Elway.

2. New York Jets

QB Zach WilsonAnd the BYU: The Jets want a playmaker who can magically work and count on Wilson to be next Patrick Mahomes.

3. San Francisco 49ers

QB Trey Lance, North Dakota: They were traded to No. 3 vs. Mac Jones They seem to have fallen in love with Lance and his great talent.

4. Atlanta Falcons

to Kyle BatesAnd the Florida: This is where it gets tricky as the Hawks can re-trade but if they don’t, they take the best player available to them which is Bates.

5. Cincinnati Bengals

extra time Penny SewellAnd the Oregon: They will tend to take the receiver as their weapon Joe Boro But they need to protect it more.

6. Miami Dolphins

WR Ja’Marr ChaseAnd the LSU: Dolphins are draft geniuses as they trade and return to land the player they wanted.

7. Detroit Lions

pound Mika ParsonsAnd the Pennsylvania stateLions need defensive assistance and Parsons can play around the field for them.

8. Carolina Panthers

CB Patrick SertinAnd the Alabama: This is where things get a lot more interesting as the Panthers pass the midfielders to take the angle they are aiming at.

9. Denver Bronco

QB Justin FieldsAnd the Ohio State: Denver is delighted to see the fields creep in and leap over them despite defensive needs.

10. The Dallas Cowboys

Jesse Horn (Getty Images)

CB Jesse HornAnd the South Carolina: The Cowboys wanted either a bellyra or a horne and they were happy to land second from the top 10 corners.

11. Giants

from Paye receiptsAnd the MichiganA: Even with wide range receivers available, they take the maximum speed that they need.

12. Philadelphia Eagles

WR Devonta SmithAnd the Alabama: This is exactly what the Eagles wanted and they were hoping would slip into them after they’ve traded.

13. LA Chargers

extra time Bribe SlaterAnd the North West: Protection Justin Herbert The main thing for Chargers and Slater is the OL2 for most.

14. Minnesota Vikings

from Cry PhillipsAnd the Miami: The Vikings need help on both lines and Phillips is too good to miss them.

15. New England Patriots

QB Mac JonesAnd the Alabama: Bill Belischik A landing midfielder didn’t think he got a shot and would build around.

16. Arizona Cardinals

WR Jaylen WaddleAnd the AlabamaThe precipitous slide is too much for the Cardinals to pass.

17. Las Vegas Raiders

from Greg RussoAnd the Miami: Vegas needs an edge push tool and Russo used to be the DE1 in this category and it’s great value here.

18. Miami Dolphins

And the Elijah Vera TuckerAnd the USC: Pair it with a fellow American Airlines Austin Jackson From last year and protection Toa Tagophilowa.

19. Washington soccer team

s Tryphon MohrigAnd the TCU: The quarterback hasn’t slipped for them but Moerhig is the top 10 talent in this draft and the best player available.

20. Chicago Bears

Christian Drissot
Christian Darriso (Getty Images)

extra time Christian DrissotAnd the Virginia TechThe offensive line is needed, as is the case for many situations, because Bears and Dresso are a great value here.

21. Indianapolis Colts

pound Aziz OgulariAnd the Georgia: Ponies need to rush past and Ojulari can definitely help off the edge.

22. Tennessee Titans

CB Caleb FarleyAnd the Virginia Tech: With the edge bursts they want, they go to a pre-selection for Farley’s Top 10.

23. New York Jets

extra time Dillon Radons, North Dakota: Wilson will need help with protection and Radunz can play the right tack McKee Pictonthe left.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers

RB Nagy HarrisAnd the Alabama: The Steelers have offensive line needs but Harris is A. Levon Bell– Kind they can’t miss.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars

DT Christian BarmoreAnd the Alabama: After Lawrence, there are needs everywhere, so Jaguar cars are having the sportiest interior designer they can have.

26. Cleveland Browns

pound Jeremiah Uso KuramoahAnd the Our Lady: Linebacker isn’t as urgent as a corner need but Owusu-Koramoah wasn’t supposed to be here at this point.

27. Baltimore Ravens

WR Batman consumptionAnd the Minnesota: Crows need weapons Lamar Jackson And Bateman is everyone’s WR4 in this draft.

28. New Orleans Saints

pound Zaven CollinsAnd the Tulsa: Saints would love to have a large hitter like Collins anchored in front of the Seven.

29. Green Bay Packers

OL Landon DickersonAnd the Alabama: Center usually goes into the first round and Dickerson is immediately suitable for a packer.

30. Buffalo bills

Sam Cosme
Sam Cosme (Getty Images)

extra time Sam CosmeAnd the Texas: Bills Need Offensive Line Help And Cosmi can play Treat or Protect.

31. Baltimore Ravens

from Jason AwayhAnd the Pennsylvania state: Why not take a draft flyer on a whim with that extra choice?

32. The Tampa Bay Hacker

pound Joe TryonAnd the Washington: Bucs can take the best player available if they want but Tyron fits their scheme well.

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