Fashion shares to Single “Pink Flowers”

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In recent years, Indie Rock / Indietronica singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mote has learned a lot, allowing him to reflect on what is important to him and how he wants to live his life. His flourishing career came to a halt in 2018 due to illness, although he released an impressive EP the following year. Determined to start over and return to 100%, he moved to Berlin from Nashville, Tennessee just before the pandemic struck. His first year in the city was spent writing, while he also took over to study film and add videography to his repertoire.

As the world began to go back into some glimpses of normality this summer, fashion began on the latest leg of its journey as an artist and over the next few months looked decisively busy, with some tracks catching up with the world and will be shared in the coming weeks. He marked the beginning of this new phase by releasing the single “Bondage” last month and today he released his new song “Pink Flowers”. The fashion describes the track as: “…as a funeral for your own insecurities. It’s a very personal song for me. Pink flowers are when you care about a result, but you want to leave it behind. I think it’s about determination not to let life be the best of you, to stay free of weight.

Click “Pink Flowers” below and for more information on fashion, visit his page Facebook or pursue him further Instagram.

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