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Fenway Park to full capacity; Red Sox beat Marlins 3-1


Red Sox

Defeat to Nathan Evavaldi helped the Red Sox win their second consecutive game against Marlins.

Fans of the Boston Red Sox Nathan Ewovaldi watch the first Saturday of May 29, 2021, when they play their first baseball game against Miami Marlins in Boston. (AP Photo / Michael Dwyer)
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BOSTON (AP) – Nathan Ewovaldi played his first game in a renovated Fenway Park since the state imposed a curfew during the Coronavirus outbreak, and the Boston Red Sox beat Miami Marlins 3-1 on Saturday.

Bobby Dalbeck, Kevin Plaweki and Renfro had each RBI single, who won nine games each for the seventh time and a ninth straight home win over Marilyn.

There was a lot of noise in the park, as fans cheered after the national anthem and Evavaldi cheered as he fired a quick ball into the first battle of the game, Magnarius Sira Swazwei.

Despite the harsh, cold weather, the stands were about half full, and the crowd shouted, “Let’s go, red socks!” Broke the song. Echoes in the first round of 25,089 attendees.

Evavaldi (6-2) allowed four trips, hitting seven in one.

“It was wonderful,” he said. They certainly came with power. You could tell by the excitement in the stadium. ”

Adam Otavino beat Jesse Agulala and Garrett Cooper to abandon the foundations laid in the seventh. When Otavino hit Cooper on a sharp slide, the crowd cheered.

“I think it made the people different,” Otavino said. During this time a lot of energy, especially after the last two strikes. Just a supernatural experience. I was happy to be able to work the field. I was the only one who was dark. ”

Matthias Barnes’ Agurine RBI Although he left alone, he scored the last three goals for 13 saves in 13 chances.

“We were the right people there, we could not have achieved the greatest results,” said Marilins, manager of Marlins.

Trevor Rogers (6-3) allowed two hits in six innings and six hits in six innings.

“They were great. I definitely heard it, ”said Rogers. “The atmosphere was crazy. It was a really nice atmosphere to get inside. It was fun. ”

Red Sox manager Alex Cora missed the game and returned to Puerto Rico after graduating with his daughter Camila. Bench coach Will Venebel managed the team.


Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Roel Wallensky, threw a survey of the event to Boston hunter Christian Vazquez and dropped a high arch just in front of the mound. She said she was warming up in her backyard in nearby Newton.

“This is a wonderful time,” she said. Our first case was in Boston and our first case in Massachusetts. My first call was here on March 6, 2020. It’s really a long year, and we’ve seen some really dark times. Ca I have a bright hope, but I have not declared victory.

Red Sox is following CDC guidelines and fully vaccinated fans are not required to wear a mask.

That’s what it looks like

Linn It was the first time since the 2019 final that the Red Sox had beaten Baltimore in front of a crowd of 35,427.

“It’s emotional today,” said Red Sox president Sam Kennedy. We are seeing some people that we have not seen in years.

Coaching class

Marlins-Mattingly said SS Jazz Chishol, who missed his fourth straight game with a fractured right ankle, could return next Sunday. Adam of Adam Duval did not play a game with a sore left side late Friday.

Red Sox-Kennedy was asked, “The real answer is yes, it is disappointing, but we respect personal preference,” when asked if it was unfortunate that the Red Sox did not reach the threshold of 85% or more. 1 Individuals are being fully vaccinated.


Miami RPP Sandy Alcantara (2-4, 3.46 ERA) has been in the starting lineup for four times this season and will face LHP Eduardo Rodriguez (5-3, 5.06).

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