May 9, 2021


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Fiction of the Week: Lean Fall

“It’s the most exciting start I’ve ever read in John McGregor’s recent novel,” says Claire Alfrey. Daily message. Veteran Antarctic researcher Robert Wright is on a research mission when two young helpers are thrown into a storm. He had severe vascular problems as a result of the panic, which left him speechless.

The next “very special” is also good, in Alan Massey The Scottish: He Focuses On Her Husband’s “Mindset” Regarding Robert’s recovery, he feels comparatively the last part – but the earlier parts were so brilliant that “one can easily forgive one’s wrongdoing.”

McGregor is a writer who loves to take risks, says James Walton The Times. This fictional character is no different. But the moment an Antarctic hurricane or Robert learns how to touch his nose – he strives for it with all his heart – “triumphantly out of it.”

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