Fine dining: where to eat, drink and dance for London Fashion Week


Some places get it right and Notting Hill‘NS Laylow One of them. Since it opened four years ago, its little blue door has attracted a slew of A-listers, from Rihanna to the Beckhams to Rami Malek, Amal Clooney and Stormzy. But it addresses fashion also set: Kate Moss, Jourdan Dunn, and a wide variety of Delevingnes.

Why? Well, the one-off bar (and brothel) has a flashy appeal, thanks to its founder Taz Fustok, a regular fashion weeker who is a friend of Soho heiress India Rose James. restaurant, a great live band and a cozy upstairs bar for the members. Plus, it stays open late for the right crowd: Johnny Depp was in until 5am.

Try your luck, but if you’re after something gentler, head over to: Sister Jane Townhouse ( one minute down the road. Part shop, part rooftop bar, part Latin restaurant, it always draws a stylish set, but has a more daytime vibe.


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Thea Cumming and Lucia Massey, the founders of this place, don’t be stupid. These include Dangerous Don, London’s new favorite mezcal, alongside previous hits from New Orleans-style dinner club Slap Ya Papa. Doña is Lady Penelope pink filled with tequila and good times, with regular live music and the urge to dance. It’s no surprise that her non-hierarchical, matriarchal-led values ​​that welcome anyone of all types—unless you’re a dick, have already been taken to heart by the fashion kit. East London queer collection Faboo recently hosted a party there and was admired by longtime fashionista Princess Julia and designer Pam Hogg. Expect similar parties to arrive soon.


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Beauty attracts beauty, and that’s why New York’s glamorous NoMad has long been a hit with a glamorous set. Canadian model Coco Rocha is a fan, likewise Jennifer Aniston – who probably doesn’t stick to her “one sharp” diet while she’s in it – and Kanye West. Granted, the jet-set crowd has suffocated a bit of late (probably due to the lack of jets), but expect a similarly celeb crowd to drift throughout the week at this gorgeous Covent Garden opening. The main restaurant, with its sky-high ceiling and plants in the back, is set as a sight to behold and is right next door to the gorgeous little bar. side hustleAt the booths, the podium types will likely gather around large mug-sized sharing cocktails. Check out the library, too, where you’ll hear whispered gossip from the fashion world and beyond.


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Both Isabel’s restaurant and downstairs bar Dragon Room – a kind of smiling nest of mischief – they are flamboyant stunners and draw a knowledgeable crowd from Rosie Huntington Whiteley to Suki Waterhouse. The venue seems to throw an endless number of parties, hosting influencers and cooler types several times a week, from the kind that taunts when the clock strikes midnight.

With the fashion set in town, things are getting ready to kick things up a notch: Come for shimmering Wagyu plates garnished with Datterini tomatoes, oysters and flounder – all made for an enviable story – then head down to the basement bar and turn up the music and spot the celebrities in the shadows.


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Nearly 111 years after it first opened its doors – and with a few hands and a bad run – the Windmill has returned as a shameless palace of drinking, dancing and debauchery. Soho-born DJ, model and fashion world Sydney Lima is said to be a fan, while tomorrow night RuPaul star Jodie Harsh, once called “Britain’s best known drag queen”, is hosting an official launch party to kick off Fashion Week. . it deserves.

Soho, no surprise, is always packed with party goers and good-time types during LFW; for a long time Karma Sanctum hotel (, expect to see famous faces making their way to the rooftop hot tub and bar – the hotel is also a go-to place for outing rockers, so parties have a reputation for being cheerfully wild.

Sessions Art Club

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Just weeks after opening, Sessions it already competes as London’s most handsome dining room and is therefore almost always talked about, populated partly with Florence Knight’s dinner and partly filled with beautiful types that can be seen eating Florence Knight’s dinner. Getting a table wasn’t set to be the best of the week, especially since it’s open Wednesday through Friday.

If you can’t, bad luck, likewise the hum of Santiago Lastra Desert. (; Insta posts cancellations on their stories, so keep an eye out. Long-standing favorites that have always attracted British designers like Molly Goddard and Sussy Cazalet include those by Margot Henderson. Rochelle Canteen ( was released in Shoreditch. Henderson’s husband’s blunders, St John’s restaurants (, seem immune to the passing of time; both the Clerkenwell and Shoreditch sites are always packed with a trendy crowd.

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Inside Rosewood London, Scarfes Bar benefits from being so constantly busy that high-flying fashion types and true A-listers can mingle without anyone really noticing. Brad Pitt once showed up every night for two weeks, sitting in the same seat at the bar each time, and remained anonymous the entire time. Reliably popular and serving some of the capital’s best cocktails, Scarfes is an old favorite for those who’ve been in the circuit for a few years alongside Justin Beiber. Open it up, grab a drink and keep your eyes peeled – there might be someone special at the end of the bar. The other place where this is usually true is Standard Hotel ( up by St Pancras, but expect things to be a little less conspicuous. This year it hosts several bashs for LFW, but for those who don’t know, details are kept mute.


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Not just a private members club, but a private member club during LFW. If you know someone who can come in, start shamelessly flirting for an invitation now. The expansive space overlooking Berkeley Square attracts models, designers and partygoers from dawn until dawn the next day. If you can get inside, star-studded breakfasts, famous faces walking around during the day, and parties in the mirrored club await. Everyone from Drake to Dolce and Gabbana is said to have stepped in.

Mayfair, of course, is no brighter than when the fashion set passed; When they’re not here, expect to see them go to gilded Chinese food and cabaret nearby. China Park ( or stepping out of the Lamborghini into the forest Amazon (, where there is no such thing as going OTT. same story SexyFish ( gets harder than ever with a series of Thursday night parties put together with the help of DJ Seth Troxler. More is definitely more in 2021.


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London has no shortage of fashionistas hotels: alongside NoMad, this year’s biggest is Mondrian. It has pedigree – Mondrian does it globally – and is in the right hands with David Lockhart as manager (Lockhart previously Ned [], he’s an LFW favorite). Spanish chef Dani Garcia’s BiBo restaurant is proving to be a hit for the hotel, but be sure to pop in when it’s dark outside. In Knightsbridge, the pompous, understated air of fashion is hardly surprising. Bulgari Hotel ( is Bella Hadid’s favourite. mandrake ( Everyone looks so handsome in Fitzrovia, it’s hard to know who is the model and who should serve the drinks.


Fashion is cyclical; So are their hangouts. Next to Victoria Park, this warehouse, consisting of a room with mascara black window frames and sleek white tablecloths, has been a stylish set since it opened in 2004. The tides did come, but the stage remained steady. It’s as east London as they come – open kitchen, art projections – but it’s also fun, often includes some live music and never takes itself completely seriously. Now I’m working with Chic Hen, eat the chicken.


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