Fire attack on Northern Ireland police officer’s house


A fire broke out at the home of a service police officer in the county of Anthrax Lauren in Northern Ireland.

The police, his wife, and his daughter were not injured in the blaze.

Three cars were parked on Glenmarm Road on Thursday morning.

The Northern Ireland Police Service The PSNI is conducting an investigation into the attack.

This will come later Violence on Belfast streets has resumed Before the emergency meeting in Northern Ireland, a bus was hijacked and set on fire by a Belfast Telegraph photographer.

The line of inquiry may involve a loyal group of Southeast Antrim UDA (Ulster Defense Association).

It was after the organization recently went on strike Newtown, County Antrim.

At the time, police believed it was linked to the crime.

It is unknown at this time what caused the fire.

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Police said they received reports of three cars burning on the property around 1:45 p.m.

He said all three cars were destroyed in the attack.

The fire caused severe damage to the house.

Burning at the home of a Northern Ireland police officer
The cars caught fire Thursday morning

PSNI Det Ch Insp Dunnie McCubin He said: “We are investigating this incident.

“This was a completely careless attack, which could have serious consequences.

“Fortunately, no injuries were reported to the authorities and their families.

There are no words for residents to burn vehicles in the dark of night outside the family home.

This will come later The Northern Ireland executive condemned the “tragic” riots In areas such as West Belfast, 55 police officers were injured in more than a week of unrest.


Their actions are in stark contrast to an officer who serves our community with dignity, respect, and decency on a daily basis. ”

He added: “Police have been open-minded about the motive behind the attack, but the main line of inquiry may be the criminal elements.”

He appealed for information and said that the investigating police were conducting a “complete and rigorous” investigation.


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