May 7, 2021


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“First-class cricket helped me a lot in making a strong comeback,” Hassan Ali

Harari: Basir Hassan Ali credited first-class cricket with his resounding return to international cricket, having scored nineteen wickets in his last four tests.

Speaking to reporters after Pakistan defeated Zimbabwe in a round and 116 rounds, Hassan said he was satisfied with his performance and worked hard for the day.

“I stayed out of cricket for about two years. It was so difficult for me that I even cried several times after suffering multiple injuries. But, with the support of my wife, family and well-wishers, I stood up again and really worked towards this strong comeback,” Hassan shared.

“The first-class cricket game helped me a lot and I think after 2016, I played the whole season for FC for the first time. I enjoyed playing there and worked on improving my fitness, my technique and performing there as well. That performance placed confidence in me and I am here today.”

Meanwhile, Hassan has gifted the award-winning performance to his daughter, Helena, who was born last month. I miss her and can’t wait to hold her in my hands. “Literally, I’m counting the days when I’m going home,” he said.

In conclusion, Hassan also advised the youth to play and prepare for the most important forms of test cricket by playing first-class cricket. “It is every player’s choice to play whatever form he wants. Personally I have always wanted to play demo cricket thank God I got a test hat and represented my country. For test cricket, you need to play a full season of FC cricket because it makes you strong in this shape “.

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