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Five Biggest NBA Shocks Ever


Baron Davis led one of the NBA’s greatest surprises. Image from Mercury News.

Qualifying shocks or NBA Breaking turmoil, whatever you call it, is as entertaining as hell. Every year, or most years, we witness one of those major upheavals that no one expected.

Some are more shocking than others, but the NBA surprises are an integral part of every NBA playoff. Some dislocations happen by chance, and some are caused by circumstances such as injuries, form, matches, or training. All sports fans love a good Cinderella story, so let’s take a look at some of the biggest underdog NBA wins over the years.

5) Celtics v. Magic, 2010

In 2010, we had an interesting playoff match as fourth-seeded Celtics beat second-seeded Magic. Those who remember the famous 2010 NBA Finals know that the Celtics won this match and that was one of the NBA’s biggest surprises. Magic seemed destined for NBA Finals After sweeping their opponents in R1 and R2, the Celtics ended those hopes.

NBA fans were shocked when the Celtics advanced 3-0, eventually winning the group 4-2.

How did they do that? Well, magic had a great defense led by Dwight Howard But they were completely burned from the ocean. Pierce, Wallace, and Allen all snapped photos well above 40% of the three in the series and Orlando didn’t find a way to match that.

4) Heat vs PAX, 2020

The surprise of this NBA playoff should be as fresh in everyone’s memory as it happened in the bubble. The Bubble was a massive NBA success story that managed to finish its season without any major problems in the middle of a pandemic.

Due to the location, it significantly changed the balance of power in the league. There were no fans, no advantage on their home turf, and some teams simply collapsed on this spot.

Bucks was one of those teams. They entered the playoffs as the No. 1 seed, as they were ranked 5th Miami Heat. The Heat dominated the series from start to finish, winning 4-1.

They fully exposed all of Milwaukee’s weaknesses on both ends of the field and caused a major upheaval in the NBA. The pivotal moment came in the third game when Team Hit won in the fourth quarter 13-40, setting a new record. Yikes.

3) Hawks vs Magic, 2011

Just a year after they had a major playoff match in the NBA, magic did so again.

Although it is a match between 4The tenth Seeds and 5The tenth The seed, this result is a huge shock in the NBA because the Magic Team was so much better.

Dwight Howard was unstoppable but Hawks had depth and depth that ultimately proved key. The Hawks had new players in the decisive moments of the match as Orlando struggled to buy a bucket. Atlanta won all three of its home matches by a narrow margin (3, 4 and 3) highlighting its best performance in times of crisis.

The significance of this annoyance is that since then, The Magic has yet to win a watershed streak.

2) The Cavaliers v. Raptors, 2018

The infamous 2018 sweep destroyed everyone’s hopes and dreams Toronto Raptors Admirer. At the time it seemed like the worst thing that had happened to the franchise but it actually turned out to be the best.

GM Masai Ujiri realized that his team, despite their quality, were not good enough, so they dismantled the kernel and brought it in Kawhi Leonard. The move turned into a Larry O’Brien Championship trophy and no one doubts that day.

But let’s return to the annoyance.

In 2018, the Raptors finished as the best team in the Eastern Conference. It looked like they were headed for the finals but faltered against the fourth-seeded Cavs. Yes, Team Cavs did have LeBron James, but that team was not very good. They suffered in every playoff series they played except for this one.

Toronto didn’t know how to stop James and Cavus from getting the ball hit so well. The NBA playoff shocks are the only one that has a broom on this list, but this one will forever be remembered fondly by the fans of the team that got it.

1) Warriors v. The Mavericks, 2007

The Dallas Mavericks I played in the 2006 NBA Finals. They were ahead 2-0 against the Heat but they lost in the end. In 2007, they came back hungry for more and smashed everyone that season, ending the season with 67 victories. Dirk Nowitzki Become an MVP (deservedly so) and it looked like they would be able to get it done in 2007. That was until they met the Warriors.

The Warriors was seeded eighth and faced Dallas who was No. 1Street seed. What followed was a shocking NBA surprise with the Golden State winning the series 4–2. Although no one had seen it, it was explicable. GS won all three regular season matches versus the Mavs because they simply had a solid game plan that worked.

Dallas had no way of dealing with it Baron Davis, And the Matt Barnes And the Stephen Jackson He did a tremendous defensive job on Dirk Nowitzki. Dirk was usually guarded by a senior player who was favorable to him but once he met smaller players he had problems.

The Warriors had a less than 5% chance of winning the series but they succeeded. It’s by far, the biggest surprise in NBA Playoffs history. The Mavs became the first team since 1972-1973 to win the Celtics no fewer than 65 matches and no titles.

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