Five Britons locked up in Dubai with violations from “bounced checks” to “f *** off” message

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Billy Hood, who was detained for possession of CBD vape oil, is one of several Britons imprisoned in Dubai in 2021

British footballer Billy Hood has been jailed for 25 years in Dubai for CBD oil in his car
Britten’s football coach Billy Hood was jailed for 25 years in Dubai for CBD oil in his car

A British man whose family claim has “disappeared” after being imprisoned in the United Arab Emirates is one of several Britons who have been locked up in Dubai this year.

Billy Hood was jailed for possession of CBD vape oil and previously sat behind bars in one of Dubai’s most notorious prisons after being sentenced to 25 years in prison.

His troubled family says he has not been in contact with them since he was transferred to a prison in Abu Dhabi.

The 24-year-old football coach from Ladbroke Grove, west London, was convicted of possession, sale and drug trafficking after police found four small bottles of CBD vape oil in his car.

Billy, who has been locked up for nine months, claims that a friend left the CBD oil in his car when he dropped him off at the airport.

Alfie Cain said Billy was repeatedly beaten for five days in a row while police tried to force him to confess to drug offenses.

He said that Billy told him that he only signed the confession about drug trafficking, which was written in Arabic, because officials told him that they would stop the abuse if he did.

Billy is not the only Briton to have been jailed in Dubai this year. The Mirror has looked at cases of other Britons who have been locked up in 2021.

Billy’s sudden silence has terrified his family


Imprisoned in Dubai / SWNS)

Billy Hood

Billy’s sudden silence has left his family terrified as they say he had recently claimed that he had convincing evidence proving that he had been framed by the police.

His heartbroken mother Brenda said her son “has not even been able to get in touch with his lawyer” since he was transferred to another prison, The sun reports.

Brenda spoke to Radha Stirling, founder and CEO of the press group Detained in Dubai, about her fears.

“He’s going through the most stressful time of his life and can not even communicate with his family, his lawyer or the British embassy.”

Stirling said the legal process in the United Arab Emirates was “unpredictable” and warned that unexpected delays were “common” ahead of Billy’s appeal on November 30.

She said she hopes Billy gets home in time for Christmas because he did not deserve to be locked up for something he “did not”.

Luke Tully

British chef Luke Tully claims he was jailed for 19 months in Dubai after police believed a customer booking a table was a code for a drug deal.

The chef worked on a restaurant in the city when he received a text message from a retailer he knew and requested a table for 10 people.

When the dealer was arrested, police took his phone and read the message to 43-year-old Mr Tully, believing the message was code for a 10g cocaine drug deal.

The father of four has said that police threatened to throw him off a balcony if he did not “tell them where the drugs were” before he was thrown into a cell for more than a year.

Mr Tully claims to have spent £ 150,000 on legal fees and is now at home in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, after the case was dropped when a judge ruled there was insufficient evidence.

In a message to other Britons planning to visit the United Arab Emirates, he said: “Do not worry if you value your freedom.”

William Norman Meyerhoff

The British grandfather William Norman Meyerhoff, who has dementia, was locked up in Dubai due to bounced checks which he said he did not write.

It was reported last month that the 72-year-old will be released after officials admitted that they made “mistakes”.

William Norman Meyerhoff with his son Matthew


Imprisoned in Dubai / SWNS)

Meyerhoff, originally from Grimsby, Lincs., Was detained by officials during a transit stop on a flight en route to Australia in May.

His family said he worked in Dubai over a decade ago but never had any problems there, but authorities told him there were 38 criminal cases against him.

The accusations relate to checks that were falsely made in his name by the owner of a company he used to work for – which he denies knowledge of.

Woman detained for sending the WhatsApp message “f *** you”.

A British woman was detained in Dubai and detained for two years for sending a “f *** you” WhatsApp message to his apartment buddy earlier this year.

The The 31-year-old human resources manager was arrested when she tried to leave Dubai on January 30 after her apartment buddy complained to the local police about her offensive message.

The couple had reportedly quarreled over the use of their dining room table when working from home during the pandemic.

Police arrested the woman on suspicion of violating the UAE’s cyber law, but she was released with a £ 600 fine, reports The Sun.

In February, it was reported that she was “relieved” to be back in her parents’ home in Gloucester and ready to move on from the “traumatic” episode.

Albert Douglas

Londonbo Albert Douglas, 60, was jailed in Dubai earlier this year over bounced checks he did not write.

He was fined £ 2.5 million after his son Wolfgang’s company failed in 2019, despite the fact that he did not commit any crime and had no role in the company.

Albert with his son Wolfgang

Albert lost an appeal and tried to escape from prison with the help of human traffickers, but he was arrested at the border and sentenced to three years in prison.

The longtime expatriate had a successful business in Dubai and was said to have loved the city until the unfortunate circumstances put him in jail.

In September, according to Imprisoned in Dubai reports Albert was admitted to a Dubai hospital for surgery to repair a dislocated shoulder held in prison.

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