Five Guys Australia’s ‘amazing’ prices shock Sydney customers

Five Guys recently opened their first restaurant in Sydney, but a video revealing “incredible” menu prices shocked Australians.

An online food critic has targeted a cult US burger chain that has recently opened its doors in Sydney after paying more than $200 for six burgers and three drinks.

american burger giant Five Guys opened their first Australian restaurant in Penrith, Sydney last month. during the state’s four-month quarantine.

As the city reopens, Sydney residents rush to get a taste of the US burger, flooding social media with videos and reviews.

Again TikTok creator Fred posting under the handle @abrakebabra_reviewsAfter paying $215 for six burgers, four servings of fries, and three milkshakes, he was less impressed with the chain’s offerings.

In a separate video, he explained that he wasn’t too impressed with the “too expensive” burger, calling it on par with Hungry Jacks.

“I can’t justify paying this money for it. I would go straight to Hungry Jacks,” he said in a video shared this week.

“The honest truth is, it’s a goddamn thing.”

He ended his TikTok rant by describing the burger as a “slop” and telling Five Guys to “go back where you came from”.

Five Guys prices in Australia vary according to America. Burgers in Sydney start at $17 and come in at $21 for one topped with bacon and cheese.

Milkshakes are $9.90, and fries range from $5.90 to $9.90 depending on size.

Meanwhile in the US, the most expensive burger costs $8.69 – roughly $12 in Australian dollars.

Reactions to Fred’s video have been strong, with many thanking the food reviewer for his honesty.

Someone said, “Sorry but $215 is a robbery of hamburger food.”

“You should have walked away as soon as you saw the price,” wrote another.

As someone speculates: “These places are popular in America because they’re cheap. They come here and charge $20 for a burger – no wonder they fail.”

Others shared their own bill totals, revealing that they were equally shocked by the prices.

Went there yesterday – $108 for three burgers, three small chips and three drinks. Never again. Chips were cold and burgers were terrible,” he wrote.

“A friend of mine went, two meals, no shakes, $48. Unbelievable,” another shared.

But some were unsympathetic, saying they knew the prices before buying the food.

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