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Fiz is seeing the BANS Tyrone kids in custody battle, plus EastEnders and Emmerdale updates


VI Highway sets up Stuart with Honey Mitchell

Violet Highway pits Stuart with Honey Mitchell in an attempt to separate Renee.

Violet announces that she has no plans to leave at the end of their recent rendezvous period – much to Stuart and Ben’s horror.

The next week, V constantly takes a dig at Renee and even criticizes her co-parenting with Abi, which angers her.

Stuart tells Renee that he wants to tell his nan about his plan to have Bernie as his surrogate, but Renee refuses.

Later at the pub, V is shocked to learn of Renee’s past and when she sees Honey, she devises a plan.

Wee stops Honey and is shocked when Stuart learns he is trying to set them up. Taking Vee out of the pub, Stuart tells her that he is upset by her actions and adds that Bernie is going to be their surrogate.

V is horrified, but changes her tune when Renee pops up and announces she’s going to stick around and get to know Bernie better, to which Renee quietly shudders.

Later, Stuart worries about her appointment at the fertility clinic, while Renee prepares to see another potential surrogate.

However, V manages to ruin both of their plans, before a big bang on them.

what will it be?

Stuart tells V that they plan to use Bernie as their surrogate.credit: bbc

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