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Flight school says plane making emergency landing on 101 freeway in Agoura Hills experienced oil pressure


The Orange County Flight School said Tuesday that the small passenger plane made an emergency landing on the 101 freeway in the Agoura Hills area on Monday.

The aircraft, a Cessna 172, was on a training flight from Camarillo to John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana at the time of the incident, OC Flight Lessons said in a statement to KTLA.

The academy did not elaborate on how or why the plane suffered the loss of oil pressure, but said it was fully cooperating with the Federal Aviation Administration’s investigation to determine the cause of the emergency landing.

The Academy identified the flight instructor and pilot in command as Captain Trevor Peterson, who is also a US Marine. California Highway Patrol officer Craig Martin said Monday that he was able to take over for training pilots to land the plane safely.

The student pilot on board was identified by the flight school only as Brian C.

No one was reported to be injured.

“We would like to thank the California Highway Patrol, the LA County Fire Department and all the first responders who helped with the recovery effort,” the academy said. “We would also like to thank Captain Peterson and student pilot Brian C. for remaining calm and landing the aircraft safely.”

The small, single-engine plane landed on the southbound 101 freeway, north of Lindero Canyon Road, on Monday evening.

Eleven-year-old Tristan Nelson was in the car when he saw the small plane coming down.

“The plane started coming down and I thought it was going to crash,” he said. “But then it stopped and it landed very smoothly.”

The landing caused the closure of the 101 freeway to the south at the Reyes Adobe offramp temporarily. The aircraft was eventually pushed off the freeway at Reyes Adobe Road.

“I just came to see what was happening and by the time I got here, the plane was being pushed up the ramp,” said Agoura Hills Mayor Protem Deborah Klein Lopez. “He literally pushed it right off the ramp with all his might. Thankfully all was well.”


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