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Flow State – Urban Contemporary Mikel B now opens solo exhibition at Maddox Gallery in West Hollywood



After many years of no art show, it is finally possible to see the art again in person and we suggest you visit the Maddox Gallery in West Hollywood.

As of May 31, the gallery is presenting Flow State, a solo exhibition of urban contemporary artists, Michael B..

Mikel B is originally from Denmark but lives in Los Angeles where he created all of his art in his art studio in suburban LA. We’ve loved Mikel’s work year after year and we love to see how he grows as an artist. Her solo show follows three years behind preparation, testing and its full potential.

As a self-described outsider, Mikel B is constantly breaking down barriers, working within genres and carving his own path. As a result, the flow state is much more than the experience of ordinary white walls. Instead of adopting the classic gallery format, Mikel took everything from the gallery space to the walls into his own hands. From the moment you step, you are entering into Mikel’s future abstract philosophy; A vinyl-coated space welcomes visitors into the immersion experience with a 3D effect.

If you can’t see the gallery in person, you can take a virtual tour of the Maddox Gallery Website And on Michelle Social media.

Show 1 – May 31, 2021 at Maddox Gallery, 8811 Beverly Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90048, Los Angeles

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