Football’s Black Friday 2021 Gift Guide

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With Thanksgiving and Black Friday upon us again, football clubs around the world have online stores filled with a wide variety of Christmas gift ideas.

Browsing through the virtual shelves reveals a truly overwhelming selection of branded products on offer, from the legally useful all the way down to the astonishingly kitschy.

Here we have reviewed the available officially licensed delicacies and hand-picked a variety of items to help you in the hunt for the perfect festive gifts.

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(Prices converted to US dollars and correct at time of publication)

Premier League

Arsenal: Official GPS tracker top, $ 370

Good luck to anyone who actively wants to compare their Sunday League performance data with data from Emile Smith Rowe, Bukayo Saka and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Chelsea: Miniature European Cup, $ 201

What is the point of your club winning the Champions League if you can not celebrate the achievement with a copy of the Europa Cup. With a height of only 6 inches, it is much easier to triumph high than the original.

Liverpool: YNWA neon sign, $ 135

It may not have the same historical and emotional resonance as the motto “You’ll Never Walk Alone” rendered in wrought iron across Anfield’s iconic Shankly Gates, but this abbreviated version emits a pleasant red glow.

Manchester City: Rubik’s Cube, $ 18

This stressful mental puzzle provides an insight into Pep Guardiola’s mindset as he devises one of his more challenging and complex game plans.

Manchester United: Maui Jim Sunglasses, $ 533

Why shop around for the best value when you can pay above odds for a flashy equivalent with a big name that will do pretty much the same job? After all, that’s the Manchester United way.

Tottenham Hotspur: White Hart Lane box gin, $ 105

This official Spurs gin is distilled using a blend of purified grass picked from the pitch on their famous old grounds, White Hart Lane. Every little bit helps when they still have the construction of the new stadium to pay for.

West Ham United: Hammer, $ 33.50

That’s right – West Ham, known as Hammers, have their own hammers with “HAMMERS!” etched into the handle of the hammer.


Atletico Madrid: Electric toothbrush, $ 15

Atletico Madrid. Toothbrush. Luis Suarez. You can write your own joke.

Barcelona: Lego Camp Nou, $ 370

When Barca recently announced plans to completely rebuild the Camp Nou stadium, what better way to immortalize the Catalans’ spiritual homes than in the form of interlocking plastic blocks?

Real Madrid: Monopoly, $ 56

How fitting that a club so passionately committed to forming a European Super League should launch their very own version of Monopoly. Even the club’s own blurb for the game reads: “Be smart and pay attention because there is only room for one hero at the top while bankruptcy awaits the rest.”


Bayern Munich: Fortune cookies, $ 4.44

We can only assume that every single cookie sounds something along the lines of “Bayern win the Bundesliga again next season”.

Borussia Dortmund: Airfryer, $ 78.49

Did you really think that Erling Haaland keeps in such good shape by deep frying his potatoes?

RB Leipzig: Havenisse, $ 33.59

You will struggle to find a more striking garden decoration than this stunning effort depicting the Leipzig club’s mascot, Bulli, by trampling all over the Red Bull Arena.

A league

AC Milan: Sofa cover, $ 26.90

If you are not able to make the pilgrimage to the San Siro, you can now recreate the feeling of being in the iconic stadium without leaving your living room.

Inter Milan: Extendable lead, $ 22.30

If your dog weighs less than 11 kg (as stated in the product description) and happens to be a big Inter Milan fan, then Nerazzurri string is a necessity.

Juventus: Leather jacket, $ 285.85

If replica shirts are not for you, what about a leather jacket with a club badge complete with the Juventus badge on the chest? Pay a little extra and the club can even put your favorite player’s name and number on the back.

Naples: Bikini, $ 8.35

Perhaps not the most advisable attire to wear on the terraces of the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona as we head towards winter.

League 1

Lyon: Wooden sled, $ 44.85

It does not usually snow in Lyon, but when it does, it is important to keep these club colors on display so everyone can see.

Marseille: Petanque set, $ 36.90

Imagine spending your entire afternoon playing an outdoor game that involves hitting an opponent by aiming small balls at a goal? It never grabs.

Paris Saint-Germain: PSG x Prince vinyl record, $ 15

This vinyl single features two Prince songs: the first a studio version of “Partyman” from his 1989 “Batman” soundtrack album and the second a live version of “Cool” recorded at a concert in Paris in 2014. The link to PSG is flimsy to say the least , but the music is at least funky.

Premier League

Benfica: Doll, $ 16.80

The less that is said about Benfica’s strange and disturbing doll, named Lucia, the better.

FC Porto: Gold ring with diamonds, $ 7,792

Members of the Porto Club, who are looking for the black Friday decoration, will no doubt be happy to hear that they can get their hands on this classy piece of jewelery at the reduced price of only $ 7,000.

Sporting CP: Dog Bow, $ 7.50

By knocking Inter’s range of pet accessories out of the park, Sporting has produced a range of formal evening wear designed to suit your dog companion.


Inter Miami: Yard Dice, $ 35.99

No prematch MLS tailgate party is complete without beer, BBQ and big wooden dice.

LAFC: Magnet Fight Game, $ 39.99

Recreate all your favorite Los Angeles “El Trafico” derby meetings with this exciting magnetized version of air hockey.

New York City FC: Victory 4 game set, $ 159.99

A “perfect excuse to gather your friends for an epic New York City FC party,” we are sure. Just sit back and watch the answers flow in.


Angel City FC: Bandana for Pets, $ 15

Another club that makes moves in the pet accessory area, Angel City is eager for every dog ​​in Los Angeles to be dressed for nine in time for their big entry into the NWSL next year.

Portland Thorns: Wallets, $ 22

The Thorns makes a pretty smart series of upcycled wallets made by banners that used to be hung around their stadium.

Racing Louisville: Earrings, $ 13.95

No outfit for an evening out on the tiles in Kentucky would be complete without these little purple beauties.

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