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Death. Taxes. ‘Leigh Griffiths faces SFA rap’.

In February 2016, Aston Villa defender Joleon Lescott raised the bar for unconvincing excuses in the league. football. Following his side’s 6-0 loss to Liverpool, he did what any of us would do in his position and tweeted a picture of his £121,000 Mercedes.

After her relatable tweet inexplicably caused a backlash, Lescott issued an apology, claiming: “The tweet sent from my account containing a picture of a car was purely coincidental. It was while I was driving and my phone was in my pocket,” he said.

It takes guts not to empathize with Lescott. I mean, it’s there but for the grace of God, right?

Lescott looked like he would forever carry the dubious honor of being the man responsible for football’s most embarrassing excuse, but without Leigh ‘what did he do now’ Griffiths reckoned.

In Dundee’s 2-0 loss to St Johnstone at Dens Park, a flare was launched from the away support onto the pitch. Rather than doing what any 31-year-old would do and, you know, putting the flare back in the stands, Griffiths threw the flare back into the stands. Because she’s Leigh Griffiths and she simply isn’t learning.

Still, he had a chance to ease the tension of the situation by sending a quick, genuine, and believable apology. ‘The heat of the moment’, ‘I’m so embarrassed’, ‘I can’t help it, I’m Leigh Griffiths’, that sort of thing.

So, on Thursday afternoon Dundee shared a statement in which they referred to a “sad event”.

It read: “After the opening goal, a smoke generator, among other items, was thrown into the park by visiting fans. This pyrotechnic was back in the booth when Leigh kicked him out of the field of play”.

Hmm. I mean, technically, they’re right about the pyrotechnics being “back in the stands”, but only as Billy Batts “finally” is in the trunk of Henry Hill’s car in Goodfellas.

The statement later quoted Griffiths himself, saying: “It was a pity that the pyrotechnic material was back in the stands as my intention was to get him off the pitch. I just lost a goal, I wanted the game to be restarted as soon as possible and the frustration this move caused I apologize for it,” he said.

We were often told that a ‘fit and healthy Leigh Griffiths would score 25 goals in the season’ but apparently managed to flare up in the air and deep in the stands when he wanted to knock him out while standing. a few meters from the edge of the field. Does this guy need a series of games?

There are those who continue to be on the side of Griffiths and his talents, but some on Twitter suggest that fans are hypocrites when they’re shooting flares onto the field, complaining when the flare is sent back to where it came from. The assumption there was that Griffiths could identify the person who threw the flare and then picked the culprit with his cultured left foot.

The truth is, when Griffiths kicked that glare to the podium, he had no way of knowing if it would hit an audience and who that audience might be. a child. Retired. A 57-year-old man with 25 clover emojis in his Twitter bio accidentally broke into Dens Park and tweeted, “Actually, he didn’t know how old he was when he allegedly posted these messages.”

Griffiths is lucky he hasn’t seriously hurt anyone, and Thursday’s ‘apology’ didn’t even come close to cutting him off. No one is saying that the cheers of the St Johnstone fans are something to celebrate, but if you play stupid games you will get stupid prizes. Griffiths played a lot and the prize is constant baiting from rival fans.

If he’s still a player as people claim, Griffiths would score against St Johnstone, run to his fans and either plug his ears or put his finger on his lips. This is how abuse is responded to.

Silencing them by doing his job on the field would send the message that he couldn’t get out of his way with the cheers from the stands. Instead, his message on Wednesday night was: ‘I’m not mature enough to know where the line is, so every club’s fan should spend every minute of every game trying to get ahead of me. I’ll probably bite’.

This is an actor who made his professional debut 15 years ago. It’s been around long enough to know how it works. The ‘stupid lad’ excuse has long since expired.

After making negative headlines two years in a row in the pre-season, Dundee gave him the opportunity to restore his reputation and resurrect his career. For ‘Scotland’s most natural striker’, Leigh Griffiths wouldn’t waste some chances in half.

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