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For the Vikings 2021 Defensive Line, why not Justin Houston?


In a few days, Minnesota Vikings will have about $ 15 million to tap into free dealerships. The next calendar date is June 1, and the Minnesota hats are worth $ 7.9 million. While the Vikings depth chart does not ostensibly show a wide range of shortcomings, the team can stand to find some depth. Some of the points on the menu – like the wide receiver, the safety, and can be thought of as a corner back – can be considered thin on paper if an injury hits one of the initiators.

Expect Vikings to use some or all of the maximum money.

Don’t bother Depth Argument, the Vikings are meager choices of talent at the defensive end – at least in terms of honest beginners. Daniel Hunter is expected to return in September, assuming his contracting status with the team hasn’t hit any speed bumps. But on the other side of the line, it is a patchwork region. The Vikings will allow Stephen Weatherly, DJ, Nom, and Patrick Jones II to fight them in order to start RDE if no other free agent is signed to EDGE. One of those guys might thrive with a revamped defensive line that includes Hunter, Michael Pierce, and Dolphin Tomlinson, but that leaves much to chance. Most people Hopes Hunter returns to his natural terrorist form. This is not a given, however. An LSU graduate may take some time to achieve great success. Even more terrifying is the potential for rejection – so what To defend the Vikings? The EDGE portion of the depth chart will spark the 2020 sentiment.

To combat any of these potential outcomes, the free agent’s defensive limbs soak in the free agent’s wire. One of them is Justin Houston. Spending eight seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs and two with the Indianapolis Colts, the veteran striker needs a new home. Why not Minnesota?

Age is a valid little concern. Huston is 32 years old and fits on the “past his first fame” bill. However, the age of 32 is not a cemetery. Since the start of 2010, ten adults from EDGE have counted 10 bags north in the 32-year-old seasons. Players like Robert Mattis, John Abraham, Terrell Suges, Julius Peppers and Cameron Wake have had more than 11 bags in their 32-year-old campaigns. Opposite Hunter, Houston may thrive – especially with the tutelage of Mike Zimmer and Andre Patterson.

Houston also suits the “kind” of Vikings in terms of stature. It’s nearly identical to the size of Everson Griffen, an EDGE engine that spent a decade in Minnesota. At 6’3 ″ and 270 lbs., Huston’s biography puts him in the door to volume. for him Focus on professional football The class in 2020 was an average of 63.5, a balance between acumen in stopping a run and a rush of passing. In the previous year, 2019, it achieved a score of 87.1.

Colts used the 4-3 defense during his two years in Indianapolis, so Houston could “put a hand in the grass” just as Vikings tend to fantasize. On ProFootballReference.com, Houston’s official website went from full back to center back in 2019 and 2020 when he joined Colts. During the pandemic season, Houston played 59% of all defensive shots. For comparison, Everson Griffen was on the field for 78% of Vikings’ defensive shots in 2019 – his final season with the franchise.

Houston got into the pro in 2011. Since then, it has recorded 97.5 bags, the third-largest number in the business after Von Miller and JJ Watt. As a younger man, he got 22 bags in one season. That was 2014 – the same year Mike Zimmer and Teddy Bridgewater joined the Vikings. Even as Houston got older, he managed to fire opposing midfielders. He and four other men are the only five to have scheduled more than 8 bags per season since 2017: Aaron Donald, Yannick Ngakoy, Khalil Mac, Jason Pierre Paul, and Houston. Therefore, the consistency is still there.

If the plan isn’t the Houston test, but General Manager Rick Spielman still wants the more popular EDGE tool, there are other free agents available. Melvin Ingram, Iverson Griffin, Ezekiel Ansah, Vic Beasley, and Ronald Blair offer varying degrees of name recognition.

And the price should be reasonable. He last played at an average annual salary of $ 12 million with Indianapolis. The rating will be even lower at this juncture outside of the season.

Other than that, it’s Weatherly-Wonnum-Jones and we’re hoping for the best.

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