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Ford incinerator objection by Arun Parishad


The Arun District Council has made it clear that the ‘waste-to-energy’ incineration planned for Ford will not be welcomed.

West Sussex County Council has the final say on whether or not to approve plans for the Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) and Waste Sorting and Transfer Facility (WSTF) on the site of the current, much smaller, waste transfer station.

But members of Arun’s planning committee unanimously agreed to raise a string of objections.

During a meeting on Wednesday (May 26), the committee also agreed that, if the County Council ultimately approved the application, a request would be sent to the Secretary of State calling for that decision.

Grundon Waste Management and Viridor’s plans replaced the previous application, which was withdrawn in March, and a number of changes were made.

These included two 85 m chimney stacks instead of one and reduction of boiler hall height from 51.2 m to 38.5 m.

The details thrown around during the meeting included ‘completely unacceptable’, ‘huge’ and ‘prominent and intrusive’.

The impact on roads, environment and landscape was also high on the list of concerns, as well as the result of 1,500 homes planned for the area.

Chairman Terry Chapman (Conn, East Preston) said: “If you walk past Arundel to Perry Hill and look towards the coast, you can clearly see the current plant at the old Ford Aerodrome site.

“If you imagine two 85-meter-high piles and an unbroken building, it would completely destroy any view of one of the last open gaps along the coast.”

Hugh Coster (Ind., Aldwick East) laughed at the idea that a 2.4m–5m high acoustic fence – designed to reduce noise levels from the site – made ‘little difference’ given the proposed size of the development Will give

The committee was of a mind on the application and agreed with Chief Planning Officer Raymond Cole that the council would file an objection.

Mr. Cole gave a list of reasons, including:

Whether a facility of this size was even needed, especially as planning permission has already been granted for an incinerator at Horsham;

A building of this scale and height will have a ‘significant adverse visual impact’ on the landscape;

Concerns about traffic, noise and smell; And

The fact remains that the plans did not comply with the Waste Local Plan and Arun Local Plan policies.

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