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Foreign holidays under threat from new Nepal edition as government prepares to revise travel list


tA home ministry minister has said the public should “use their common sense” about foreign travel.

Asked on Times Radio if her department would prefer to stay in the UK, Victoria Atkins said: “We are very, very, very supportive of the traffic light system. There are few countries in the world at the moment that are more prone to infections due to variants. The rates are too dangerous for us to travel in the context of COVID, and of course they are on the red list.

“Then we have the amber list that we ask people not to visit unless there is a very special, very serious consequence, like relatives dying, and then the green list.

“And look, the overall goal, we all want to go back to normality, pre-pandemic normality. But I think everyone understands that we have to take careful steps to do that. And so the travel planning and the itinerary are very high Part of our road map is out of lockdown restrictions, but we have to see the data.”


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